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Saturday, June 14, 2008


After many requests from my clients, friends and family members, I have finally commited to start a blog documenting my exotic travels, experiences, adventures and to share the wisdom I have collected along this incredible healing path that I have embarked upon. My life's journey is bringing healing and wholeness to my own life so that I can better serve others in the community and in the world. My blog will include anything that inspires me and I think might bring inspiration and transformation to you. It will include, People, Places, Healing Retreats and Workshops, Health & Beauty, Astrology, Films & Documentaries, Healing Rituals, Plant Medicines, Spirituality, Cleansing Tips & Detox Remedies, Music, Green Living, Global Awareness, Travel Destinations, Fashion, Upcoming Events, and on and on and on. I encourage my readers to post any comments they feel compelled to share or to suggest topics that they would like to research or write about. I am thrilled to be able to share my wealth of information and knowledge for the greater good....and an occassional good laugh.

I also want to mention that I am currently working on two exciting projects, a book and a documentary film. Both projects are related to Spirituality, Healing, Purification and encouraging people to find their own connection to the DIVINE, tapping into our ancestoral roots and embodying our true essence from within. This blog will be a work in process as I journey around the globe in search for the KEYS to the universe and help us all tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves, MOTHER EARTH and the planet...and having alot of fun, laughter, dance and play.
I offer this information with the deepest gratitude and humbleness and hope you find my words relevant to your life and useful in making your life experience more beautiful, humorous, joyful, empowered and full of light and love. NAMASTE....Next stop BRAZIL and tales from the AMAZON. Stay tuned!!!


No, I didn't mean mate, as in your spouse or the Austrilian term for buddy. I'm referring to Yerba Mate(mah tay), a South American tea cultivated in tropical rain forest of the lower countries and is extraordinarily rich in nutrients. This tea has many more antioxidants than white or green tea and is loaded is macrominerals like magnesium and potassium. When drunk from a gourd (or calabazza) and a closed-ended metal straw with holes as is the custom in South America, the teas is exceptionally potent and satisfying. About 2 years when I was diagnosed with Lymes, I was turned on to the wonder tea and feel passionatley in love with it for the effects it had on my body. I began to drink it regularly as a morning rital, and within a half and hour of consuming the beverage, my aches and stiffness would me massaged away, the fog in my head dissipate, my energy would rise, as would my mood. I believe it supplied my body with much need nutrients, especially magnesium, which is a mineral deficient in most Lyme-disease sufferers. It has also been know to be useful as a detoxifying agent and improves digestion greatly. Be aware that it does contain some caffeine, but when taken in moderation, the tea can be beneficial to the body and the mind. It can be purchased online or at Whole Foods and the brand I prefer is GUAYAKI, available in both loose teas and tea bags. Enjoy