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Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Detox Diva will be away until the 2 nd week in Feb, resting, reflecting and scoping out a tropical location for future healing retreats for the spring 2010. Along with John Odlum from "Essence of Being", we are actively looking for the perfect spot for a 5 - 7 day retreat in Puerto Rico or Culebra which is located a few hours off the coast. We plan on doing a combination of training, education on detoxification and plant & tree medicines, detox and yoga/meditation, with organic food included for the retreat stay. ( of coarse I will be bringing my hubby along and he will be preparing local, organic foods, live foods, and juices.)
Much more to come about this but it is extremely exciting and I cannot wait to report back with every little morsel of info.

On a very personal note, my husband Mark Shadle and I regretfully would like to share the news that we suffered a "MISSED PREGNANCY" this past week and we were very shaken by the experience. We had found out recently that we were eight weeks along, however a few days later after having an ultra sound, that the baby's heart had stopped beating. Unfortunately, this also meant because the baby was still inside of me, we were forced into making a decision about what to do. Most woman who miscarry, their bodies take care of things naturally and they pass the pregnancy themselves. In my situation after meditating and talking to a midwife I made the decision to have a D & C so that I can help my body to heal and prepare itself to have a healthy pregnancy in the near future. If I choose to wait, it could take several weeks or even months for my body to signal itself to move fetus out of my body however in the mean time, I will not be able to regain ovulation or become pregnant until that happens and more importantly while the unhealthy baby is still inside me and not living, my body is still tricked into thinking it is still pregnant and I have to go through the same emotions and side effects of a regular healthy pregnancy...which is something both physically and emotionally I cannot bear right now. So, after hearing all the pros and cons of both sides ( natural or medical procedure), my husband and I decided to have the procedure and move forward with a positive attitude and belief that this is what god intended for us. We are sad but strong in out belief that that soul was not ready to come into this world and natural selection was in perfect and divine order. Don't get me wrong, we went through all the emotions, some of which will continue to haunt me every evening before I sleep and every morning before I wake....but ultimately I know that it is absolutely perfect the way that it is and that God and spirit has a bigger plan for us. We plan on taking a few weeks off, allowing my body to heal in the glorious sun and healing oceans and when we return start conscious conception sometime in the early spring when my body is fully ready. There have been so many invaluable gifts and blessing I have received through this "very emotional ordeal" and the most wonderful one has been to connect with some many amazing and powerful woman who had shared similar experiences. Once I opened up about my personal story, literally hundreds of woman contacted me to share their journey with me and how we are all one in this human experience. No one is immune to going through this trials of life. No matter matter how rich, how healthy, how educated, how fortunate someone's karma in life has been, it doesn't exclude you from very real human experiences. If you have shared a similar experience I would love to hear from you and also send a big heart felt hug to you. Until later beauties