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Friday, August 29, 2008


I have been studying the origins of AYURVEDA for years and in particular the huge impact of the herbal formulas have had on my life and over all health. The herb I would like to focus on today is ASHWAGANDA, when translated loosly means the "STRENGTH OF 10 HORSES" implying that this aromatic herb provides the strength of a stallion....sounds good right????
Ashwaganda is among the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacy. It is sometimes referred to as the "Indian Gingseng" for its reputed restorative benefits. It has traditonal use in supporting rejuvenation after illness and as a sexual enhanser for both men and woman. Ashwanganda is also classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps modify the harmful effects on stress in the body and it wonderful for depression and insomnia. With its benefical influence on the nervous system, it is often prescibed for people with chronic fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and a general sense of ungroundness. Mixed with warm milk and taken before bed it will help with anxiety and restlessness. It works great for kids as well.
In patients facing cancer, ashwaganda can be a extemely valuable ally as people are attempting to regain their energy and strength.

The usual dosage is 600-1000 mgs twice daily. A tablet or capsule of powdered ashwaganda crushed in hot milk and sweetened with honey will enhance its sedating qualities.
You can easily find it at for the purest organic ingredients....but I have seen it by Planetary Formulations at Whole Foods in capsule form. It is definatley worth a try and has helped me immensely as I have been recovering with my battle with LYMES.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Did you know that flowers can heal? Yes, their brilliant shapes and colors warm the soul and their scents bring life to the senses--but there's more to flowers than just their physical attributes.

Like everything on earth, flowers have energy and that energy can be harnessed to effecuate changes in the body through remedies such as those designed by Dr. Bach. Similar to homeopathy, Bach's flower remedies use the energy of substances to heal, with the difference that Bach flowers impart the desired energy of a substance into the body, rather than a substance of what is causing a person to ail (as in homeopathy). Both approachs work, however and the desired substance of the Bach flowers are energies that creat positive or "higher" states of being, which alter a person's state of mind, thereby creating a healing effect on the entire body.

Dr. Bach believed that all illness originates from a disconnect between our personality and soul (or higher self) and that by bringing the self into a line with the soul, the body will resond by healing. This is accomplished by giving the body flowers that creat a state of mind that is opposite to that which is causing the problem in the mind and body. The most effective treatments are those that address the root cause of the emotionsm thoughts and beliefs. For instance, a person may be fearful, but beacause various flower remedies exist for treating fearm it is important to know why the fear persists...different flowers address different causes of fear.

Once you understand how the flowers work and are able to discern which ones would best suit you, you can prescibe a regimen for yourself, WITHOUT the help of a specialist. This can be accomplished by studying the troublesome character traits, belief systems, symptoms and feelings that each specific flower addresses and then preparinga remedy by correlating your symptoms with that appropriate information. Don't worry unlike pharmaceutical medications, the flowers are gentle and have no side effects, so go ahead and try them.

To find out more info go to or they can also be bought at your local health food store. Happy Flowering....... until next time

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I under went phychic surgery while Brasil and will write more in detail once I have processed the experience more fully. I will say this much, there is NOTHING LIKE THIS ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES OR IN THE WORLD!!!!
People from all over the world, with all kind of health malodies- flock to Brasil to have this form of treatment. Basically, it is all done in the astral plane, there are NO INCISIONS, NO CUTTING AND NO TOOLS USED. Medical doctors who are also highly spiritual mediums, channel spirits and use the information they are given during the surgery to prescibe directly to the patient and are also given the guidance of where the illness lies in the body. They make incisions by lightly touching the body as if their fingers were a medical scapel and remove anything from the body that is causing it to be ill. I also saw people there who were using it for broken bones, cancer treatments, children with rare dieases ect.
I was able to have my eyes open during the whole surgery, when I was done with my surgery, there was a reddish brown substance on my dress which resembled blood. I WAS FREAKED OUT OF COARSE. And the medium reassured me this substance was called ECTOPLASM and is very common when the surgen removes negative energy any illness in the body. I am clear that i did not see him put anything on my dress and after the surgery it was quite clear to me, that SOMETHING EXTRORDINARY HAD OCCURRED. More to write later, as I have been directed to lay down and rest for post-op recovery for 24 hours. I will research this in much greater detail, as i am sure that there are many people and cients of mine especially with chronic illness that will benefit from this experience and I HOPE TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN. peace

Sunday, June 22, 2008


DAY ONE and Brasil is by far the most amazing natural beauty I have ever experienced in all of my worldly travels. The energy down here is intense to say the least and the energy frequency of this place and the people is intense, in the most wonderful way. We began a bit of our filming today but are in route deeper in to nature (CAN WE SAY, JUNGLE ANYONE!!) We are somewhere between Sao Paolo and a town called ITAMONTE. This place is known for its healing springs, miraclous waterfalls and crystals which you can find just walking along any path in nature. (quartz, amethyst, citrin just about any type of gem, just lying on the ground untouched). HOW AMAZING IS THAT????? MUCH MORE TO COME....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If I had a dollar for every person who stopped me and asked me where I got my pants , I'd be a millionaire by now.
So for all you beautiful goddesses out there who love comfort but also like to look smokin hot....check out BALI DOG CLOTHING at They specialize in Yoga and Sportswear clothing that are all hand stitched and hand painted in Bal with devotional designs that are absolutely beautiful. The pants that I am obsessed with are the BUDDA STYLE and have both THE CHAKRA DESIGN and THE SHIVA artwork on the black pant. Although the artwork is done in Bali, the pants are made in Brazil, so this means the are a TIGHT, TIGHT FIT, so definatley go up one size. They are 98% organic cotton, 2% lycra for a great fit and let me tell you, they look faboulous and make every back side look BOOTY-LIOUS. And from the practical point of view, they wash well, don't wrinkle and don't shrink. They are great for yoga, weekend outtings and can be dressed up or down.
If you want to get noticed and rock some beautiful art on your body, these are the pants for you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Okay, so you don't do enemas, that is. Would you change your mind if I told that you could get whole lotta stones and gunk out of your liver with just a few Organic Colombian beans, a carrot,a cucumber and a couple of beets???? Sounds healthy and harmless enough doesn't it??
I know it's no fun learning to work with that rubber hose and hot water bottle (aks an enema bag) plus all the questions from family members who wonder why you are taking that pot of coffee into the bathroom, but hey, it's a sqeaking clean liver worth it???
Btw, you are fooling yourself if you think your liver isn't loaded with stones...the liver is where gall stones come from.

Anyway, so here it is.
Juice a couple of beets, a carrot and a cucumber( I happen to love ENGLISH CUCUMBERS the most...I know a very special person in my life that can testify personally). Take some organic lemon juice and olive oil for a greater effect. Half and half mixture, what ever you can tolerate, as it is a little hard getting it down. Don't eat other foods for several hours prior as it will diminish the effect. Brew the coffee. Use fresh organic and filtered water. (And don't take it in while hot! Add a cup of cool water to every cup of hot coffee).
Lay on your back and flush the colon with filtered warm water first. Then lay on your back or side and drain the coffee into the colon, retaining for at least 10 minutes or longer if possible. If you don't hear much activity down in your gut, try using more coffee in the brew. I use 2 to 3 tbsp per cup, but for some this may be too much. In any case, stay near your best friend john for awhile after the enema....
You should feel lighter and more energetic after this cleanse. For best results do 2 to 3 times monthly. This also a great detox and preperation for any colonic regime you are planning.
Your enema bag will soon become your second best friend. Cleanse well...until next time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


After many requests from my clients, friends and family members, I have finally commited to start a blog documenting my exotic travels, experiences, adventures and to share the wisdom I have collected along this incredible healing path that I have embarked upon. My life's journey is bringing healing and wholeness to my own life so that I can better serve others in the community and in the world. My blog will include anything that inspires me and I think might bring inspiration and transformation to you. It will include, People, Places, Healing Retreats and Workshops, Health & Beauty, Astrology, Films & Documentaries, Healing Rituals, Plant Medicines, Spirituality, Cleansing Tips & Detox Remedies, Music, Green Living, Global Awareness, Travel Destinations, Fashion, Upcoming Events, and on and on and on. I encourage my readers to post any comments they feel compelled to share or to suggest topics that they would like to research or write about. I am thrilled to be able to share my wealth of information and knowledge for the greater good....and an occassional good laugh.

I also want to mention that I am currently working on two exciting projects, a book and a documentary film. Both projects are related to Spirituality, Healing, Purification and encouraging people to find their own connection to the DIVINE, tapping into our ancestoral roots and embodying our true essence from within. This blog will be a work in process as I journey around the globe in search for the KEYS to the universe and help us all tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves, MOTHER EARTH and the planet...and having alot of fun, laughter, dance and play.
I offer this information with the deepest gratitude and humbleness and hope you find my words relevant to your life and useful in making your life experience more beautiful, humorous, joyful, empowered and full of light and love. NAMASTE....Next stop BRAZIL and tales from the AMAZON. Stay tuned!!!


No, I didn't mean mate, as in your spouse or the Austrilian term for buddy. I'm referring to Yerba Mate(mah tay), a South American tea cultivated in tropical rain forest of the lower countries and is extraordinarily rich in nutrients. This tea has many more antioxidants than white or green tea and is loaded is macrominerals like magnesium and potassium. When drunk from a gourd (or calabazza) and a closed-ended metal straw with holes as is the custom in South America, the teas is exceptionally potent and satisfying. About 2 years when I was diagnosed with Lymes, I was turned on to the wonder tea and feel passionatley in love with it for the effects it had on my body. I began to drink it regularly as a morning rital, and within a half and hour of consuming the beverage, my aches and stiffness would me massaged away, the fog in my head dissipate, my energy would rise, as would my mood. I believe it supplied my body with much need nutrients, especially magnesium, which is a mineral deficient in most Lyme-disease sufferers. It has also been know to be useful as a detoxifying agent and improves digestion greatly. Be aware that it does contain some caffeine, but when taken in moderation, the tea can be beneficial to the body and the mind. It can be purchased online or at Whole Foods and the brand I prefer is GUAYAKI, available in both loose teas and tea bags. Enjoy