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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Suma, the dried root of a tropical native to the AMAZON rain forest, is definitely worth noting. Brazilian natives are said to refer to suma as PARA TODA meaning "for all things." It was introduced to this country as BRAZILIAN GINSENG and has been gaining popularity and recognition ever since. Suma has been noted as a immune enhancer or adaptogen ( similar to Maca), that is , an agent that helps the body adapt to stresses of all kinds by restoring or enhancing the natural immune system. Dr. Milton Brazzach at the University of Sao Paulo is reported to have tested some 3000 patients, many with serious diseases , such as cancer and diabetes and results have proven to have a "great healing effect." Indigenous People of the Amazon and jungle regions have been using Suma for at least 300 years as a tonic, aphrodisiac, and remedy for cancer, diabetes, tumors, wounds and skin problems.Pfaffia Pnaiculata is a large, shrubby ground vine that has an intricate and deep root system. The root resembles ginseng, hence the name Brazilian ginseng. Suma grows in the Amazon basin, but also in the tropical parts of Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and Peru. Although harvested wild, like maca, suma has been domesticated and farmed for quite some time. Traditionally suma has been used as a food that provides physical staminia and endurance. Aside from its physical resemblance to ginseng, suma also acts a true adaptogen and why intuitively why tribal cultures have incorporated into their daily diets for hundreds of years. Because of its taste which is similar to vanilla suma powder is often prepared as a tea concoction or the rot powder is sprinkled on fruits or in beverages. In the western world, suma is used as a tonic for the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, the reproductive system and the digestive system. It is also used o alleviate hormonal imbalances. To try it I suggest my favorite distributor for many medicinal herbs from the rain forest, its call RAINTREE NUTRITION. They sell not only SUMA, but MACA, UNA DE GATO and many more powerful herbs from Brazil. Rock on Beauties