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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I don't know if everyone knows the name of this great man, but Kushi is known as the father of MACROBIOTIC EATING.  I m studying his book "THE BOOK OF MACROBIOTICS": The universal way of health, happiness and peace....and I came across this beautiful prayer that I think speaks volumes about life and how we need to be grateful for all that we are given, even in illness and can be our greatest teacher. 
 I speak from experience.  I know that the most challenging things that I have personally struggled with particularly around my health challenges, has brought me so much wisdom, that I have nothing but gratitude to the universe...and yes, I need to remind myself  and you all of the great importance of having grace and gratitude for all that we are dealt in life.  This a beautiful prayer that I think reminds us of this so eloquently:  AND HERE IT GOES:

I am grateful to my parents and ancestors,
I am grateful to my spouse and partner,
I am grateful to my children and offspring,
I am grateful to all people and all beings.

I am grateful to the foods I am given,
I am grateful to the nature that I am within,
I am grateful to the universe in which I manifested,
I am grateful to all phenomena and all beings.

I am grateful to my ILLNESS, 
I am grateful to my ignorance,
I am grateful to my enemy,
I am grateful to my difficulties,
I am grateful to my suffering.

I am nothing, yet, I have been given all,
Therefore, I  am rich, equal to the whole universe.

I am endlessly grateful to my being here and now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For anyone looking for something amazing, fun, spiritual, healthy and wildly exciting....check out  Its all about dance, meditation, art, live foods demonstrations, education about the raw movement.  I plan on checking the one out in SANTA BARBARA, CA but there are 3 locations happening this summer.  I Can't wait.  Hope you'll join me.    


I use seed and nut milk instead of creme or dairy milk.  The following is my favorite recipe:  This is so much more healthy than ANY soy or rice milk you find in the store.  Most of the store bought varieties have added sugar and many other unnecessary  ingredients. ITS SO  EASY AND SO DIVINE.

 2 tbsp Raw shelled sunflower seeds
12 whole Raw almonds with skin
1 tbsp Whole Sesame seeds.

Grind to a very fine powder ( with a coffee grinder or food processor) then put into a blender with 1 cup warm filtered water and tbsp raw organic honey and blend on high for 2-3 minutes  Its now ready to serve.  YUM.  
This is a basic recipe and can be varied according to taste.  If you want it thicker use less water.  This is delicious over a breakfast of sliced bananas, soaked  mission figs and soaked raisons, with a few slivered almonds or walnuts on top.