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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As fall sets in I always look to deepen my yogic practice and help my body adjust to the rapid changes in the weather. Ayurveda is a wonderful way to help balance the body so that it is strong and can withstand the changes in the season and keep the body in tune. Here is a simple am ritual to help get you on to a more balanced path. This is appropriate for all constitutional types, V, P, K and of coarse always feel free to alter the routine to best suit your needs.

1) On waking, lie in bed for a few moments and become aware of how your body is feeling and of your attitude toward the new day. Think about all levels of your being and your part in universal creation. Whatever the difficulties or challenges you many be facing during the day, start it with kind and loving thoughts about yourself. Adopt and attitude of thanks, this will keep your heart open to the wonder of the universe. Try and carry this attitude and awareness into all your daily activities.

2)Rub your palms together and hold or gently rub them over your face.

3)Greet yourself in the mirror, a reminder that you love and respect yourself

4)Visit the bathroom and attend to the natural urges of elimination. If need be half a cup of warm filtered water with lemon and pinch of celtic sea salt to assist with the urge to eliminate.

5) Gently scape your tongue with a tongue scrapper or teaspoon. This stimulates the digestive system through subtle channels-- like meridians that connect to the tongue. if you have AMA (coated tongue) this will help remove some of this and get your digestion flowing

6)Clean teeth. If you have receding gums, massage them with your fore-finger after dipping in sesame oil. Repeat evening.

7)Clean your nasal passages with a neti pot filled with water water and a pinch of sea salt

8) Oil your skin with Sesame oil starting with the feet and working up the body. This will help moisturize the body from the outside in. If rubbed directly over the abdomen it can stimulate digestion and alleviate gas.

9)Take a hot shower

10) Do so stretching and a 5 min mediation.

11)Dress in fresh , clean, comfortable clothes. Select color according to their effects on your dosha or body type

12) Eat an appropriate breakfast for your doshic type, VOILA YOU ARE NOW CENTERED AND BALANCED. More to come about how each color effects the different body types, VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. Until tomorrow

2)Rub your