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Friday, June 5, 2009


I  have been doing another holistic certification and training and it amazes me with all that I know, or think I know...there is always something new or some information that I overlooked.  I am fully aware as I sure many of my readers are of the dangers of mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum,  ect.    Especially as it relates to cookware, teflon, any non-stick pans, aluminum pans and tin foil ect and how the toxins leach into our food and reek havoc  on our health and immune system...
But it totally went over my head some where along the way the dangers of iron, and iron cookware.  Perhaps there is a part of me that didn't want to know the truth because up until recently have been using a seasoned cast iron skillet that I have adored to cook on.   I thought to myself " iron, that sounds like a good thing. " Every where that I had read had said it was one of the better choices so I took that good news and ran with it.  Little did I know that it was to good to be true and in fact too much iron is a bad thing, a very BAD THING.  But it's not just our cook ware where we get on overdose or iron.  When this happens its called "FREE IRON" and its no good. Here's the places:

* Too much bread and pastas, fortified with iron (and this is pretty much on most packages bread and pastas purchased at the grocery store)

*Eating too much meat which is high in iron ( esp. red meat)

* Vitamin and mineral tablets, like one a day tablets

*Iron cookwares, and cast iron pot ( surprise, surprise).

Together if a person is also dealing with mercury issues, together high mercury and free iron levels, damages your entire digestive system dramatically.  

Every cell in your body needs iron to multiply, but iron is so toxic and oxidizing that bacteria yeast, and fungus don't Carry themselves.  Instead, they steal iron from  your body and then pass it back to you.  In fact, you will never get rids of any parasite, yeast or fungal infection if your free iron is an issue.  Our  immune  system can't defeat heavy metals, so it keeps fighting and gets tired and eventually will succumb  to illness until we get the heavy metals in check.  
I suggest everyone get a beta 2 microglobulin test to find out if you are metal toxic.  

In the mean time, really start to pay attention to the way you are preparing your foods and the cook ware you are using and go to Dr. Mercola's website to learn more about green  safe cookware.  Your health is priceless. I am throwing out my beloved pan gladly and replacing with a shiny and new enamel coated  skillet.  Le Crueset is a wonderful pan, just really pricey but worth the investment.  But there are others that compare on the market if you shop around.  
 Remember KNOWLEDGE= POWER!!! PEOPLE.  xoxooxox

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I finished my 10 days of the liver detox formula and feel my body is ready to start getting rid of any unwanted critters, organisms, yeast, parasites, giardia ( which 90 percent of population has and doesn't even know it). If you have EVER eaten at a salad bar or unwashed fruits or vegetables or traveled anywhere, I guarantee you have some type of parasitic bug of some type.  The good news the herbs that I am about to tell you about get rid of all of them, as well as help the organs, so its a win win for you.    I am forewarning, that these herbs are beyond bitter and the brew is not for the faint hearted.  You can purchase any of them in capsule form, but I stand by my word that the fresh dried herb is more effective when it is brewed fresh.  As I have stated in several of my last blogs, much of the bitterness that you taste on your tongue is part of what starts the critters running for the border. :)   I take about an 1/8 cup of each herb and simmer covered for 15 minutes.  You can always adjust the amount of water to make more brew.  Here is goes

Pau d' Arco (kills parasites and yeast)

Red Clover blossom ( blood purifyer and  stimulates lymphatic drainage)

Black Walnut leaf ( liver stimulant, kills parasites, anti microbial) 

Cloves ( another  strong anti parasite herb and attacks yeast

Golden Seal ( all around anti viral and strong immune stimulant)

Worm wood ( the names says it all, its natures de-worming herb.  NATURE IS AMAZING WHEN YOU REALLY STOP TO MARVEL ABOUT IT)

Sip an 8 oz serving through out the day.  You will not be able to gulp it down.  During the first 3 days, it would be ideal to have two 8 oz servings in a day.  But do what you can.  Also make sure you are eliminating properly when doing this cleanse.  Home enemas or a colonic would be ideal at some point during and after the cleanse.  Then mega probiotics to get the good flora flowing in your gut.  Lots more to come about the benefits of good bacteria.  I am really getting into making my own kefir and fermented veggies.  Again, if you do this there is no need to take the pill form and it can be delicious when made right.  Now back to my tangy anti parasite tea and into the infrared sauna for me.  xoxo

Monday, June 1, 2009


I don't know if anyone out there can relate but the more I can get away from taking pills, capsules or tinctures and substitute with healing herbs, healing foods or medicinal ingredients that can be enjoyed as part of my every day diet and cooking...the happier I am.  My body also responds better to the nutrients when it's delivered this way,  partly because when you are enjoying what you are eating, I believe it also helps your body to assimilate the vitamins and minerals more deeply.  So, earlier I talked about Garlic and making raw garlic a part of your regime of meal preparations and how powerful and enjoyable it can be.  
This week, it is a product called  CHYAWANPRASH, pronounced CHAH-VA-PRASH
It is known throughout INDIA as a staple of Ayurvedic medicine.  It offers anti stress benefits, its a rejuvenative and also offers mega antioxidants. It is known to balance and pacify all three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha. Chyawanprash is a 2000 year recipe from the Charaka Samhita, the first treatise of Ayurveda.  Nearly 40 ingredients are used: using fruits, herbs, plants and roots. This combination of ingredients is believed to have potent free radical scavenging activity and is a tonic for the entire system.  It can be purchased at any india market and most health food stores.  The brand I have and use is by Natures Formulary, but Banyon makes a great one as well.  One teaspoon a day is all you need and it can be takes on bread, crackers, with milk, or in a juice.  Or just by itself.  It tastes a bit like a honey jam with a tangy after taste which comes from the gooseberries.  I swear by it.  Namaste

Sunday, May 31, 2009


One of the most fascinating  books that I have read lately is  The Edgar Cayce Collection, which is four volumes in one. 1) Edgar Cayce on Dreams 2)Edgar Cayce on Healing 3) Edgar Cayce on Health 4) Edgar Cayce on ESP.
The Edgar Cayce Collection is a mesmerizing compendium of the wisdom and insight culled from the life and work of this intriguing man.  Edgar Cayce called the "Sleeping Prophet", entered periods of "sleep" in which he could diagnosis illness, often of people he had never met, and then prescribe medical treatment.  Often Cayce offered solutions to people who had tried all conventional avenues of medicine and been diagnosed as "hopeless".  
I have been influenced so much by his teaching, so much so it would take hours to document. One meditation he had about the wonders and healing power of castor oil packs (which was documented in literally hundreds of his manuscripts)  is but one of the recommendation I implement in my own life as well as the Colonic Institute.  Castor oils packs are an amazing tool in extracting toxins from the bloodstream, promoting better elimination & digestion as well as helping the liver function more efficiently.  Please go to and type in castor oil packs and read all of the helpful info there.
What I wanted to comment today about in this blog was where in his book he specifically talks about his feelings on colon therapy and epsom salt baths and acid/alkaline diet.  
When asked about Colonics and epsom salts for proper detoxification:
His answer: For everyone, everybody should take an internal bath as well as externally.  People would be better of if they would. Clear the body as you do the mind of those hindered. The things that hinder the physically are poor elimination. Set up better eliminations in the body.  This is why osteopathy and colon hydrotherapy come nearer to being the basis of all needed treatments for physical and mental disabilities.  For hydrotherapy and massage are preventative as well as curative measures. The cleaning of the system allows the body forces themselves to function normally and thus to eliminate poisons, congestions and conditions that would become acute throughout the body. 
When asked about the acid /alkaline ration which is best for good health.
His answer: It should consist of those foods which will not create too much of an acid or alkaline condition throughout the body.  It would be better to have more of the alkaline producing than of the acid producing.  A perfect balance is 80 % acid to 20% acid ratio. 
He also commented that a COLD VIRUS cannot exist in an alkaline environment.  

Thus confirming my belief that diseases cannot survive in a highly alkaline environment which is what I have living by and telling my clients for the last 10 years.  
To think that he had these insights in in early 1920's.  His life ended in 1945 and his Edgar Cayce foundation A.R.E was founded in 1932 in Virginia Beach, which is a thriving holistic and spiritual mecca for many who still follow his teachings.  I highly recommend any one of his hundreds of book as a great addition to any library.  There are times when I refer to it daily.  Now I'm off to perfect my RAW Ice-creme recipes.  Love, love, love