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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I want to encourage everybody to ask there doctor to order a vitamin d 25 hydroxy test on their lab work to measure the specific amounts of vitamin d in their body. Taking a multi vitamin with additional D IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. You need to buy specific vitamin D3, Vital Nutrients makes a good one, but I have also seen it at Whole Foods. The D3 is the only way to build up the amounts of vitamin d that are needed not only for healthy bones but also a healthy immune system. In fact I would say that it is absolutely crucial!!!!! Please go to Dr. Mercola's website and download his one hour lecture on the benefits of vitamin D, it is fascinating.

The test levels range from 25-70. If your test range results come back under 30, which 75% of the population I bet would--this is consider high risk for cancer, ms and severe health challenges. With a culture that is obsessed with staying out of the sun, wearing 40 sunblock and sitting at our computers inside all day long....we have created a very vicious cycle with our own bodies. The optimum range is at the higher end and it best at a level of 60. If you are fighting cancer than even 75 would be ideal. Here is my biggest suggestion for all you people who are running out to get the flu shot this fall and winter season, get your vitamin d 3 up to snuff and you will avoid the sniffles this year. Why not??, its better than that vaccine which is full of mercury and will only cost 20 for a bottle. Plus aside from avoiding the flu there are many other greats benefits of raising your levels. Bone strength, helpful for depression, weight gain, food craving and so much more. Trust me one this one, its a no brainer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am on fire about this next blog because I am infuriated by how products are misrepresented by the media, clever advertisements and our health care providers and how that can translate into a utter nightmare for all of us and in this instance ME. Several years ago I developed extremely bad and heavy menses, so much so that I ended up needing surgery. Prior to the surgery my doctor (who I have to go on record that I respect greatly) convinced me that during the surgery he would put an IUD device called the MIRENA to help reduce the clotting and bleeding and assured me that UNLIKE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS (which I refused to take for a host of reasons) that the mirena is an inert device that is completely safe with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

I questioned him after reading the brochure in his waiting room, "is is safe to have progesterone being released into the body?" "Are you sure its safer than birth control?" "Are there long term effects because I am a firm believer in NOT taking anything synthetic in my body?"

He dismissed all of my line of questioning and convinced me that the amount of progesterone being released was so small and so localized that it would have no effect on my entire body and that it was the best and most beneficial way for me to move forward. I eventually said ok, as a short term option and allowed the device to be inserted at the same time as the surgery and went forward with the plan.

All along I should have known better but for some reason I cannot explain I trusted it would be fine based on all of his answers....well that is where the nightmare began. Sadly it has been 1.5 years that I have had the iud and it wasn't until now that I have put all the pieces to the puzzle together. The Mirena was making me sick the whole time but now symptoms were becoming more obvious. I started having a chronic UTI's that would not go away no matter how many antibiotics or herbals I would take. I was having numbness and insomnia unlike anything I had ever experienced. My moods were so drastic that I would fly off the handle with the slightest sign of stress. I had gained a mysterious 10-15 pounds and looked bloated and pregnant for no reason at all. My symptom list grew from there. It was not until I started looking on the internet that I came across a site called "The truth about" and I saw thousands of posts from people just like me who had there life and health destroyed by having this little so called "harmless" device inserted.

I started researching all the the blogs about the dangers of the mirena and all of the horror stories and realized that all along it had been severely compromising my immune system. In shock I quickly called the doctor that put it in and demanded to remove it and went just yesterday to have it removed and am hopeful that I can get my body back to where it was prior to having the device put it. I encourage ANY WOMAN with the Mirena in to go online, to, to google the side effects that the mirena has. There r over 2000 side effects which as associated with this so called harmless device (which boast that it has no or very few side effects).. Please take your health into your own hands and don't be fooled by the hype. PLEASE. If I could be fooled than anyone can because I am usually so skeptical about such things and take a natural, holistic path in my health and life....I can't believe that I fell for it but the good news I was able to see through it and be able to empower myself to take it out, get my health back and share this vital info with you. love to all. Knowledge=power.

Empower yourself people. "FIT AND FORGET" contraception- is the lovely logan that those asses use to sell the dreaded device. I will tell you this much I will NEVER FORGET about the time on the Mirena for the rest of my life. What a crock of bs. Get informed and always make the right decison about your own health.