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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If I had a dollar for every person who stopped me and asked me where I got my pants , I'd be a millionaire by now.
So for all you beautiful goddesses out there who love comfort but also like to look smokin hot....check out BALI DOG CLOTHING at They specialize in Yoga and Sportswear clothing that are all hand stitched and hand painted in Bal with devotional designs that are absolutely beautiful. The pants that I am obsessed with are the BUDDA STYLE and have both THE CHAKRA DESIGN and THE SHIVA artwork on the black pant. Although the artwork is done in Bali, the pants are made in Brazil, so this means the are a TIGHT, TIGHT FIT, so definatley go up one size. They are 98% organic cotton, 2% lycra for a great fit and let me tell you, they look faboulous and make every back side look BOOTY-LIOUS. And from the practical point of view, they wash well, don't wrinkle and don't shrink. They are great for yoga, weekend outtings and can be dressed up or down.
If you want to get noticed and rock some beautiful art on your body, these are the pants for you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Okay, so you don't do enemas, that is. Would you change your mind if I told that you could get whole lotta stones and gunk out of your liver with just a few Organic Colombian beans, a carrot,a cucumber and a couple of beets???? Sounds healthy and harmless enough doesn't it??
I know it's no fun learning to work with that rubber hose and hot water bottle (aks an enema bag) plus all the questions from family members who wonder why you are taking that pot of coffee into the bathroom, but hey, it's a sqeaking clean liver worth it???
Btw, you are fooling yourself if you think your liver isn't loaded with stones...the liver is where gall stones come from.

Anyway, so here it is.
Juice a couple of beets, a carrot and a cucumber( I happen to love ENGLISH CUCUMBERS the most...I know a very special person in my life that can testify personally). Take some organic lemon juice and olive oil for a greater effect. Half and half mixture, what ever you can tolerate, as it is a little hard getting it down. Don't eat other foods for several hours prior as it will diminish the effect. Brew the coffee. Use fresh organic and filtered water. (And don't take it in while hot! Add a cup of cool water to every cup of hot coffee).
Lay on your back and flush the colon with filtered warm water first. Then lay on your back or side and drain the coffee into the colon, retaining for at least 10 minutes or longer if possible. If you don't hear much activity down in your gut, try using more coffee in the brew. I use 2 to 3 tbsp per cup, but for some this may be too much. In any case, stay near your best friend john for awhile after the enema....
You should feel lighter and more energetic after this cleanse. For best results do 2 to 3 times monthly. This also a great detox and preperation for any colonic regime you are planning.
Your enema bag will soon become your second best friend. Cleanse well...until next time.