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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A big hot topic in the Lyme community is what is called BIOFILM but it goes way beyond LYMES. Here are some facts about it. The national Institutes of Health Estimated that 60% of all human infections and 80 % of refractory infections ( def. Unresponsive to medical treatment) are attributable to BIOFILM COLONIES. Research has shown this to be true in cases where the pathogen is Chlamydia pneunomiae, Helicobacter pylori, Lyme Disease- Borrelia Burgdorferi and Candida albicans- to name just a few.
The protection conferred upon microorganisms by Biofilm allows them to achieve a hign level of antibiotic resistance, stealth and invisibility. Biofilms not only provide a physical barrier to antimicrobial agents ( pharmaceutical antibiotics) and host antibiotics but facilitate the exchange of antibiotic-resistant genetic material between organisms and may contain antibiotic degrading enzymes such as b-lactamase, effectively neutralizing incoming antibiotic molecules. Biofilms thus render pathogenic microorganisms enormously difficult to eradicate and can almost single-handedly contribute to localized or systemic inflammatory reactions and delayed wound healing. The number or human diseases shown to to be associated with Biofilms is expanding and includes: Chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, cystic fibrosis pneumonia, peridontitis, Crohns's disease, ulcerative colitis to name just a few.
What's the good news???? Many Doctors and researchers have developed effective Biofilm Protocol's that can help puncture the film wall and help make your method of treatment more effective and thus healing the condition fully.

Here is one protocol by Dr. Ettingers:

1) MONOLAURIN (lauric acid) 600mgs 2 caps 2x a day
2)NATTOKINASE ( a potent fibrinolytic enzyme) 100 mgs 1-3 times a aday
3)INTERFASE PLUS ( a broad spectrum enzyme formula w/EDTA) 2 caps 3 X a day on empty stomach
4)SERRAPEPTASE ( 20,000 units 2 x day
5) VITAMIN C ( ascorbic acid- not buffered as most of these contain metals) 500 mgs 4 x a day.

Avoid supplemental forms of Magnesium, Iron and Calcium as they may feed biofilm.

Take a broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic as these crowd out the bad bacteria and help disturb biofilm colonies along the mucous membrane.

I am currently experimenting with this biofilm protocol for a month and post back with my results but it may be worth looking more into and researching on your own. Bye for now beauties and HAPPY 2010 if I dont blog until after!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have been searching for the perfect ingredients to make as a taco substitute. I call this TACO SUPREME and it can be used like you would regular non vegan taco meat. Top salads, make a delicious wrap or add it in a burrito. It adds a nutty, rich, meaty favor and is so satisfying and yummy.

1/2 cup raw, unsalted almonds, dry
1/2 cup organic walnuts, dry
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2/3 teaspoon celtic sea salt
1 teaspoon Nama Shoya or Braggs Liquid Aminos

Process almonds and walnuts into a powder

Place nut meal into a bowl. Add cumin, coriander, olive oil, salt, and Nama Shoyu and mix well.
Voila. This will keep in frige for up to 4 days.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Suma, the dried root of a tropical native to the AMAZON rain forest, is definitely worth noting. Brazilian natives are said to refer to suma as PARA TODA meaning "for all things." It was introduced to this country as BRAZILIAN GINSENG and has been gaining popularity and recognition ever since. Suma has been noted as a immune enhancer or adaptogen ( similar to Maca), that is , an agent that helps the body adapt to stresses of all kinds by restoring or enhancing the natural immune system. Dr. Milton Brazzach at the University of Sao Paulo is reported to have tested some 3000 patients, many with serious diseases , such as cancer and diabetes and results have proven to have a "great healing effect." Indigenous People of the Amazon and jungle regions have been using Suma for at least 300 years as a tonic, aphrodisiac, and remedy for cancer, diabetes, tumors, wounds and skin problems.Pfaffia Pnaiculata is a large, shrubby ground vine that has an intricate and deep root system. The root resembles ginseng, hence the name Brazilian ginseng. Suma grows in the Amazon basin, but also in the tropical parts of Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and Peru. Although harvested wild, like maca, suma has been domesticated and farmed for quite some time. Traditionally suma has been used as a food that provides physical staminia and endurance. Aside from its physical resemblance to ginseng, suma also acts a true adaptogen and why intuitively why tribal cultures have incorporated into their daily diets for hundreds of years. Because of its taste which is similar to vanilla suma powder is often prepared as a tea concoction or the rot powder is sprinkled on fruits or in beverages. In the western world, suma is used as a tonic for the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, the reproductive system and the digestive system. It is also used o alleviate hormonal imbalances. To try it I suggest my favorite distributor for many medicinal herbs from the rain forest, its call RAINTREE NUTRITION. They sell not only SUMA, but MACA, UNA DE GATO and many more powerful herbs from Brazil. Rock on Beauties

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello all and happy holidays. And if you are like most people you are running around, eating far off of any type of schedule, cramming food in your mouth as you run errands trying to balance what little time you have and get everything you need to get done and hopefully find a little time for yourself and self care. With all of this going on it is now wonder why your elimination is a little off schedule and I am here to give you some tips on keep things moving and flowing outward:)
Colon Remedies:
*Apple mono diet (3 days): This consists of four to five meals of raw apples with organic apple juice between meals. On the evening of the third day, take 2 tablespoons of raw, unrefined olive oil. Take no enemas or laxatives. Take 25 drops of cascara sagrada diluted in water, four times a day. When take in low dosages, cascara as a tonic,, not a laxative. Take cascara for 2 weeks, then gradually reduce.

*Organic Prune, raison, fig tea: Cut up 12 figs and place in as saucepan together with 12 cut up prunes and 2 TBLS raisons. Cover with 2 pints of distilled water , cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

*Black sesame/cumin seed tea. Grind half cup black sesame seed/cumin seed combination and boil with 2 cups water for 30 minutes. Strain and drink

*Up the lemon water. Drink 8-12 cups of distilled water with organic lemon juice added. The more the better.

* Try Shilajit. This is such an amazing medicine that it deserves it own blog but for now I will at least mention it. It is an Ayurvedic traditional medicine that has 42 different type of minerals and folic acid which comes from naturally occurring rock minerals. It can be taken in capsule and also drank like a coffee substitute with agave and creme, just like you would coffee but it is incredible for constipation and many other health maladies. You can get it online if you search for it.

*Triphala is another indian remedy that is tried and true. It has a combination of 3 ayurvedic herbs that help to promote natural urges without any addictive qualities as well as herbs that acts like an intestinal cleanser which sweeps debris form the large intestines. Take 3 capsules in the evening before bed. Keep upping the does by one capsule per night until you achieve desires results of 3 bowel movements per day.

* Rhubarb bark
*Barberry bcark
*Dandelion root
*Flax: soak and eat or consume as a tea
*Fenegreek ( as above)

*Nux vomica: If you are hooked on laxatives, this will break the habit. Take a dose before bed time for a few days.

*Use sulfur when its painful to pass stools


*Use graphites when there is no urge to defecate.

*Use silica for a bashful stool that starts and goes back. There is soreness and often oozing mucous.

DONT FORGET THE ACIDOPHILUS AND LACTOBACILLUS EVER!! It is the best way to keep regular and planting your intestines with that friendly army of good bacteria to help create a balanced ecosystem inside your beautiful temple.
Hope this was some help and FLOW ON PEOPLE

Wednesday, November 25, 2009





When I said Shadle Farm boasts some of the largest and most amazing fireplaces from the historic 1700's, I wasn't exaggerating. When you come to a retreat or day program here at our farm , you will enjoy blazing fires, hot mulled organic cider and hearth cooked vegan food prepared by MARK SHADLE head chef and owner of Its Only Natural in Middletown CT. Please contact 860-989-5020 for upcoming events or if interested in hosting an event here. To check out more photos of the Farm and our last event go to and click on the photo tour of Shadle Farm at the top of the page. Come experience natural in all of its exquisite beauty and cozy up next to one of our amazing fires.....and heal.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I don't know about you but everyone I meet these days all have the same comment..."I am just exhausted" and we haven't even got to the whole holiday frenzy yet!! Let's see what we can do about this- Here are some tried and true suggestions to help combat the fatigue and give your body the extra stamina it will need to get through this period of change going on in the cosmos and in this ever changing economy and world.

Herbs to treat fatigue:
* Siberian ginseng or eleuthero ( strengthens adrenal glands): 1/2 teaspoon, 2 -3 times a day
*Ginseng (strengthens adaptability to stress, energizes): tincture, 1/2 teaspoon or 2-3 capsules 2x a day.
*Oats ( counters exhaustion and depression): tincture 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, 3x a day. Look for a tincture that contains the oat seed and the straw.

Homeopathy Remedies:
* Arnica: for fatigue from over work and stress
*Arsenicum: for anxiety and restlessness

Chinese Medicine: Fatigue is often a sign of weak spleen-pancreas qi. This qi, often called middle QI, animates the periphery of the body. The strength of the arms and legs depends on this qi. To strengthen use warming foods such as most complex carbs, especially brown rice. Also steel cut oats, sweet rice and winter squash, parsnips, carrots, rutabagas, leeks, pumpkin, black beans and spices like black pepper, ginger, fennel and garlic. Food must be chewed well and taken in small and frequent meals.

*Deep breathing excercises
*Outdoor exercise and natural sunlight even in the winter
*Morning walks on wet grass
*Massage, therapeutic, acupressure or deep tissue

* Beta carotene 15-30mg per day
*Vitamin B complex: 50 mg per day
*Vitamin C: 100 mg per day
*Vitamin E and vitamin D 3 400 mg a day or more
*Royal jelly: 1-3 capsules or 100-400 mg a day
* A good quality whole food living multivitamin

*Meditate on why your life may be imbalanced and takes steps to correct that imbalance
*Spend at least 30 minutes daily doing what you really enjoy that does not include eating, watching tv or job related activities.
*Maintain or restore a positive attitude towards your life through prayer, chanting , meditation and PLAY. Or yeah did I mention DANCING. Dance, dance, dance when you are alone and let it all hang out if even only for a few minutes. You have no idea how restorative this can be to your soul. That's it for now but if you take even a few of the items from my suggestions you will be ahead of the game and have a spring in your step. Bye for now beauties

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello all. I will be uploading various pics from our last event at Shadle Farm as well as from the property and inside our 1730's farmhouse. It is a nod to the past for sure, with gigantic fireplaces in every room, some so big that you could drive a vw bug right into it - and I am not exaggerating!! This is one of everyones favorites, called the long room which boasts an enormous fireplace which was the original kitchen to the home. The ambience and natural beauty of the surroundings and the in interior of the home with its wood plank floors, stone work and detailing make spending time here at the farm like you are on a far away exotic retreat. I will be posting more photos here of Shadle Farm as our next retreat gears up. Stay tuned and informed people.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We are planning another Level One Medicinal Aromatherapy workshop here at Shadle Farm in Jan 2010. What a great way to bring in the new year by empowering yourself with the ancient wisdom and language of the plants and trees. This workshop is good for people who are just starting to learn about using essential oils in their everyday life as well as for holistic practitioners who want to start to use the essences for an adjunct to what they are already offering. I have taken this coarse several times and get something new from it every time. It is a Friday eve- Sunday and includes a shamanic guided meditation, yoga, hands on healing work, group healing and the level one certification and teachings. Whole foods and lunches are available from ION RESTURANT and as always my husband Chef Mark Shadle will be preparing loads of healthy vegan snacks and refreshments for the group as well as the most beautiful fires in our 1730 Farm house. JAN 22-24 Call 860-922-6846 to reserve your space. We try and limited to a very small group so reserve your space today. To check out the instructors

Monday, November 9, 2009


Any one who knows me whether it is my patients, friends or family members- knows what these last few years have been like since I was diagnosed with Lymes disease. It pretty much has a drastic NEGATIVE impact on my quality of life. Thank GOD and GREAT SPIRIT, I have made the commitment to turn any resentment from this disease and turn it into a positive life affirming journey into health, fullness and bring forward all of the gifts, knowledge and connections I have made so that I can help you in your struggles.
That being said it has been a wild and expensive ride. Between all of the LYME doctors, endless amounts of herbal tinctures, heavy supplements, body work, travel to California, in and out of NYC to meet with Dr. Shulz, undergoing heavy metal chelation therapy and IV infusions for anti microbials, going to healers in Brasil, countless amounts of time and energy researching and taking seminars with the top people in the field, conducting my own research to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.... I have become at times weary from all of it. Yet having a deep knowing that every single experience I had was leading me somewhere and more importantly was giving me the best internship I could ever ask for. I have attained so much more knowledge and credentials in life from having lYMES and know that it was put in my path for reason . I am committed to seeing this through to the very end and never giving up hope that the answers will continue to be revealed as they have been so beautifully in the past.
The latest truth to be revealed to me is about LLLT (low level laser therapy). I have done more research about it and am currently under going treatment NOT FOR ACTIVE LYME, but the after effects of what the lyme did to my body, my organs and my immune system. I WAS very successful in finding the right protocol for treating the disease itself ( herbal protocol, rife treatments, infrared sauna treatments, heavy metal chelation, colonics ect) But it is the after effects from lymes that I am still dealing with. I will be doing a follow up in exactly 2 weeks with the results I experienced with LLLT and resetting my cell memory and erasing the lyme from the cell memory completely and creating balance and my body back to where it was pre lyme STAY TUNED

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This time of the year I always gravitate back to some of my grandmother Beach's old wives holistic remedies. And yes, they are usually the simplest, most cost effective and most effective healing remedies available. One of my favorites is raw cultured APPLES CIDER VINEGAR and heres a little bit of background on it. Fact: Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine in 400 B.c treated his patients with natural, ACV for its powerful healing cleansing qualities. It's a naturally occurring antibiotic, antiseptic and miraculously fights germs and bacteria. The internal benefits include:
*Rich miracle enzymes and potassium
*Helps control and normalize weight
*Improves digestion and assimilation
*Helps relieve arthritis and stiffness
*Relieves dry and sore throats
*Helps remove body toxins

The external benefits include:

*Helps promote a youthful body
*Helps maintain healthy skin
*Helps prevent dandruff , baldness and itching scalp
*Soothes tight, arching muscles and joints

Organic Apple cider vinegar is the #1 food I recommend in my health and colonic practice for maintaining the body's vital acid-alkaline balance.

ACV combats gallstones
ACV helps shrink prostate
ACV Vinegar for feminine hygiene
Fight arthritis with ACV
ACV helps rid the body of mucous. THIS IS WHY I TURN TO IT IN THE FALL/WINTER MONTHS.

Millions have postnasal drip and are plagued with toxic mucous in their sinus cavities and throat. If sinus sufferers remove all dairy products and wheat from their diet and use ample ample amounts of ACV, soon al these mucous conditions will vanish.

Upon rising, have a glass of warm, distilled water with 1 or 2 tsp of ACV and 1-2 teaspoon raw honey. Also enjoy this drink midmorning and mid afternoon. On your salads use 1-2 tsp of ACV combined with braggs amino acids or olive oil.

For throat gargle and nasal wash: Add 1-2 tsp ACV to 1/2 glass warm water for a throat gargle or nasal sniff wash to help clean out the mucous.

ACV makes the best mouthwash available. One tsp ACV to half glass water (kills mouth bacteria, fights plaque and tarter, helps prevent gum disease, promotes healing and freshens breath.

Another tip I give at my Colonic Institute for constipation. It's important that the bowels move regularly and freely. Outgo most equal intake. You should have a bowel movement soon after rising and within an hour after meals. Flaxseed tea with ACV acts like a bowel lubricant.

Boil two cups distilled water with 4 TBS flaxseeds for 15 minutes or soak overnight. Mixture becomes jellylike when cold. Add 2 Tbls of mixture, plus 1 tsp ACV to glass distilled water and honey. Drink upon rising and an hour before bed. Store in refrigerator and use when needed.

Buy Braggs RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in any health food store and enjoy all the benefits year round. till later beauties. LOVE AND PEACE AND FAITH ALWAYS

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I just got back from the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Aside from having some of the most beautiful white sand beaches, absolutely perfect weather year round 85 degrees in the summer and 82 in the winter--and breathtaking mountains, the island also is home of one of my favorite health and healing retreats, Hippocrates Institute. One of my heros Ann Wigmore founded the institute decades ago and made her mark by educating the world about the benefits of food combining and the power of live, raw plant enzymes and WHEAT GRASS ENEMAS!! She has founded several healing compounds in the US but my favorite location is on the island of PR. If you are looking to get away from it all and transition physically, mentally and spiritually, I would highly recommend taking a trip down to Hippocrates for a week detox.
What to expect when you are there???? Everything from learning about the raw food diet, how to sprout, how to transition to a diet that incorporates more raw foods once you leave the retreat, how to grow your own wheatgrass, the importance of wheatgrass and wheat grass enemas, how to emotionally detox, classes of fermentation, dehydrating, and making rejuvelac ( which is fermented drink that contains tons of digestive enzymes and natural probiotics.... and also eating a 100% raw diet while you are at the retreat and detoxing daily with colonics, home enemas, gentle yoga, journaling, group share and even a talent show at the end. It is a wonderful experience and encourage people to look up the Hippocrates Institute on line. There another facility in West Palm Beach Flordia which I have been to also. Sorry for the shorter blogs lately, gearing up the farm for winter so there is much to do. BYE BEAUTIES

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The warning signs a parasitic infection:
*Gas and bloating
*Joint and muscle pains
* Allergies
*Skin conditions
* Sleep Disturbances
*Teeth grinding
*Chronic Fatigue
*Immune disfunction

Summing it up, basically parasites create damage to the host's body in six ways:
1) They destroy cells in the body faster than cells can be regenerated, thereby creating an imbalance that results in ulceration, perforation or anemia.

2) They produce toxic substances that are harmful to the body. In cases of chronic infection, the bodys immune response can be pushed into overdrive, producing elevated levels of eosinophils. Eosionophils are specialized white cells that normally combat any microscopic pathogen, but when their level is elevated, they themselves can cause tissue damage that results in pain and inflammation.

3)The presence of parasites irritates the tissues of the body, inducing an inflammatory reaction on the part of the host.

4) Some parasites invade the body by penetrating the skin, producing dermatitis also causing damage to the intestinal lining and wall.

5)The size and weight of the parasitic cysts, particularly if they are located in the brain, spinal cord,eye, heart,or bones, produces pressure effects on these organs. Obstruction can occure as a result of this pressure.

6) The presence of parasites depresses the immune system functioning while activating the the immune response. THIS CAN EVENTUALLY LEAD TO IMMUNE EXHAUSTION. ( this is what millions of unsuspecting humans are experiencing and don't know why)

Not every case of ill health can be blamed on parasites. But if symptoms persist and reoccur at regular intervals after you've been treated for some other diagnosed ailment, than parasites should be suspected. Please consult an experiences health care provider that is literate about parasites and also consider, GREAT SMOKIES DIAGNOSTICS 1-800-522-4762 for a comprehensive stool analysis and parasite panel.

Please get the book GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER? PARASITE AND YOUR HEALTH, by Ann Louise Giddleman and read it cover to cover.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


A quick post following my last vitamin d post. For the onset on the flu or swine flu, Dr. Mercola recommends 1000 vitamin d 3 per pound of weight. So 130 pound adult would take 130000 iuds of vitamin D 3 for 3 days. While this dose would cause some toxicity over long term use, for a period of 3 days it will be enough to bolster the immune system to combat the flu or swine flu. Please go to
and listen to his 1 hour podcast about vitamin d and the many health related benefits. TILL LATER MY BEAUTIES

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I want to encourage everybody to ask there doctor to order a vitamin d 25 hydroxy test on their lab work to measure the specific amounts of vitamin d in their body. Taking a multi vitamin with additional D IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. You need to buy specific vitamin D3, Vital Nutrients makes a good one, but I have also seen it at Whole Foods. The D3 is the only way to build up the amounts of vitamin d that are needed not only for healthy bones but also a healthy immune system. In fact I would say that it is absolutely crucial!!!!! Please go to Dr. Mercola's website and download his one hour lecture on the benefits of vitamin D, it is fascinating.

The test levels range from 25-70. If your test range results come back under 30, which 75% of the population I bet would--this is consider high risk for cancer, ms and severe health challenges. With a culture that is obsessed with staying out of the sun, wearing 40 sunblock and sitting at our computers inside all day long....we have created a very vicious cycle with our own bodies. The optimum range is at the higher end and it best at a level of 60. If you are fighting cancer than even 75 would be ideal. Here is my biggest suggestion for all you people who are running out to get the flu shot this fall and winter season, get your vitamin d 3 up to snuff and you will avoid the sniffles this year. Why not??, its better than that vaccine which is full of mercury and will only cost 20 for a bottle. Plus aside from avoiding the flu there are many other greats benefits of raising your levels. Bone strength, helpful for depression, weight gain, food craving and so much more. Trust me one this one, its a no brainer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am on fire about this next blog because I am infuriated by how products are misrepresented by the media, clever advertisements and our health care providers and how that can translate into a utter nightmare for all of us and in this instance ME. Several years ago I developed extremely bad and heavy menses, so much so that I ended up needing surgery. Prior to the surgery my doctor (who I have to go on record that I respect greatly) convinced me that during the surgery he would put an IUD device called the MIRENA to help reduce the clotting and bleeding and assured me that UNLIKE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS (which I refused to take for a host of reasons) that the mirena is an inert device that is completely safe with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

I questioned him after reading the brochure in his waiting room, "is is safe to have progesterone being released into the body?" "Are you sure its safer than birth control?" "Are there long term effects because I am a firm believer in NOT taking anything synthetic in my body?"

He dismissed all of my line of questioning and convinced me that the amount of progesterone being released was so small and so localized that it would have no effect on my entire body and that it was the best and most beneficial way for me to move forward. I eventually said ok, as a short term option and allowed the device to be inserted at the same time as the surgery and went forward with the plan.

All along I should have known better but for some reason I cannot explain I trusted it would be fine based on all of his answers....well that is where the nightmare began. Sadly it has been 1.5 years that I have had the iud and it wasn't until now that I have put all the pieces to the puzzle together. The Mirena was making me sick the whole time but now symptoms were becoming more obvious. I started having a chronic UTI's that would not go away no matter how many antibiotics or herbals I would take. I was having numbness and insomnia unlike anything I had ever experienced. My moods were so drastic that I would fly off the handle with the slightest sign of stress. I had gained a mysterious 10-15 pounds and looked bloated and pregnant for no reason at all. My symptom list grew from there. It was not until I started looking on the internet that I came across a site called "The truth about" and I saw thousands of posts from people just like me who had there life and health destroyed by having this little so called "harmless" device inserted.

I started researching all the the blogs about the dangers of the mirena and all of the horror stories and realized that all along it had been severely compromising my immune system. In shock I quickly called the doctor that put it in and demanded to remove it and went just yesterday to have it removed and am hopeful that I can get my body back to where it was prior to having the device put it. I encourage ANY WOMAN with the Mirena in to go online, to, to google the side effects that the mirena has. There r over 2000 side effects which as associated with this so called harmless device (which boast that it has no or very few side effects).. Please take your health into your own hands and don't be fooled by the hype. PLEASE. If I could be fooled than anyone can because I am usually so skeptical about such things and take a natural, holistic path in my health and life....I can't believe that I fell for it but the good news I was able to see through it and be able to empower myself to take it out, get my health back and share this vital info with you. love to all. Knowledge=power.

Empower yourself people. "FIT AND FORGET" contraception- is the lovely logan that those asses use to sell the dreaded device. I will tell you this much I will NEVER FORGET about the time on the Mirena for the rest of my life. What a crock of bs. Get informed and always make the right decison about your own health.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As fall sets in I always look to deepen my yogic practice and help my body adjust to the rapid changes in the weather. Ayurveda is a wonderful way to help balance the body so that it is strong and can withstand the changes in the season and keep the body in tune. Here is a simple am ritual to help get you on to a more balanced path. This is appropriate for all constitutional types, V, P, K and of coarse always feel free to alter the routine to best suit your needs.

1) On waking, lie in bed for a few moments and become aware of how your body is feeling and of your attitude toward the new day. Think about all levels of your being and your part in universal creation. Whatever the difficulties or challenges you many be facing during the day, start it with kind and loving thoughts about yourself. Adopt and attitude of thanks, this will keep your heart open to the wonder of the universe. Try and carry this attitude and awareness into all your daily activities.

2)Rub your palms together and hold or gently rub them over your face.

3)Greet yourself in the mirror, a reminder that you love and respect yourself

4)Visit the bathroom and attend to the natural urges of elimination. If need be half a cup of warm filtered water with lemon and pinch of celtic sea salt to assist with the urge to eliminate.

5) Gently scape your tongue with a tongue scrapper or teaspoon. This stimulates the digestive system through subtle channels-- like meridians that connect to the tongue. if you have AMA (coated tongue) this will help remove some of this and get your digestion flowing

6)Clean teeth. If you have receding gums, massage them with your fore-finger after dipping in sesame oil. Repeat evening.

7)Clean your nasal passages with a neti pot filled with water water and a pinch of sea salt

8) Oil your skin with Sesame oil starting with the feet and working up the body. This will help moisturize the body from the outside in. If rubbed directly over the abdomen it can stimulate digestion and alleviate gas.

9)Take a hot shower

10) Do so stretching and a 5 min mediation.

11)Dress in fresh , clean, comfortable clothes. Select color according to their effects on your dosha or body type

12) Eat an appropriate breakfast for your doshic type, VOILA YOU ARE NOW CENTERED AND BALANCED. More to come about how each color effects the different body types, VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. Until tomorrow

2)Rub your

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Many people ask the question how they can use essential oils in there every day life and how they will benefit them. Did you realize that the molecular structure of Plants and Trees is like the molecular structure of humans, animals, fish and fowl? Why so you supposes that vegetables and fruits are good for the body? Well, the essences likewise are highly beneficial fro humans, animals fish and fowl. Essences have been created to be our medicine and food and they are harmonized. The human body, our heart, our inner child recognizes this, yet our minds due to our programming, have forgotten these truths...but we are now returning that truth. In reality, our traditional allopathic medical system has not been interested in you becoming aware that the pharmaceutical companies, despite all of their hoola, DO NOT KNOW HOW to harmonize drugs like nature does; Hence the horrendous side effects scenario that is before us, wherein 25-30% of the hospital beds in our country alone are taken up with patients suffering from drug interactions and side effects.
The paradigm of the Plant and Tree kingdom is purely based in love and addresses Prevention first and symptoms second, whereas the traditional allopathic and pharmaceutical paradigm is fear based and addresses symptoms first and prevention second, or NOT AT ALL in some cases. One of the reasons I point this out is because if you approach phyto-aromatherapy with fear and all its appendages within the traditional health programming you will have negative and fear based feelings like, "Can I truly take responsibility for my health?"
"Should I believe my allopathic doctors and other voices which tell me I should not take take responsibility because they know and I don't?"
"Can medicinal essences really work for me when I all I have been taught and programmed with is drugs, surgery and the warning that alternative medicine, like medicinal essences, is nonsence and not scientific?"
Plants and trees and their essences have been human beings medicine for thousands of years....and pharmecueuticals for only 100 years. We are becoming aware that past civilizations on the this plants were more highly evolved than us and that we are on an upward path towards a reawakening and remembering of the power we have lost. Consider Plants and Trees as friends that desire communication with you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They have consciousness and intelligence.
Medicinal grade essential oils can be safely used in an undiluted manner for the facilitation of healing by means of inhalation, topical application and ingested. As a practitioner , I uses essence 24/7 on my clients and myself. Also, this is where your responsibility comes to learn about the essences and how to use them properly. Any one interested in being certified with level one medicinal aromatherapy can contact me at I will be posted pictures from the first workshop we had at ION farm in Durham this weekend. It was remarkable. Bye for now beauties

Monday, September 14, 2009


I wanted share with you my favorite affirmations from book by Louise Hay which I think everybody on the planet should own and keep on the bed side tables always. Its called "Heal Your Body" and I think it's brilliant. It is more of a meditation but I suggest saying once in the am and once just before you fall asleep. It is beautiful and it really helps to manifest the kind of life you wish to have, the health, the kind of work you do and to create peace and harmony in your life.

It is the most handy book you will ever have. Any time you encounter any health issue, you look the symptom up in the index and there is a direct link made between our health manifestation and what is going on with us on a deeper level. She also gives you the positive affirmation to help deal with this issue. It is brilliant. I use it daily with clients that present with any form of body injury and give them a new was of looking at their ailment by connecting the thought and the physical manifestation that is occurring in their body.

One example. KNEE PAINS= Inflexibility, Won't give in, Stubborness in some area of ones life. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION is I BEND AND FLOW WITH EASE AND COMFORT. ALL IS WELL IN MY LIFE

And now for the loving treatment that I love so much. It is the best meditation. Try to visualize when you are saying this or even in front of mirror speaking directly yo yourself. Get the book or print this blog so you have it to use.


DEEP AT THE CENTER OF MY BEING, there is an infinite well of love. I allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless. The use of my love makes me feel GOOD. it is an expression of my inner joy. I love myself; therefore I provide a comfortable home for myself, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in. I fill all the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included, will feel this love and be nourished by it.

I love myself; therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities and work for and with people whom I love and love me and earning a good income. I love myself therefore; I behave and think in a loving way to all people, for a know that which I give out is returned to multiplied. I only attract loving people in my world, for are a mirror of what I am. I love myself therefore; I forgive and totally release the past and past experiences and I am free. I love each moment as good and knowing that my future is bright, joyous and secure. I am a beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now and forever more.

Thursday, September 3, 2009












This is pre blog to a more detailed one to come later in the week about my latest discovery. As I told everyone, I married the most incredible and talented whole foods chef in the world ( in my humble opinion):) But as a result of my passion for health and healing the body and his life purpose of eco farming and cooking organic and whole food, it was a match made in the divine cosmos to bring this forward to the world.
We recently started living on a beautiful organic farm in Durham, CT which has inspired us both immensely on every level, but in particular we have both gotten more into learning what grows in our environment and habitat and how to harvest things for both eating and for medicinal purposes. Out on one of our evening weed walks, we discovered many things like the famed JAPANESE KNOTWEED which I blogged about early in the week along with at least 20 other medicinal plants.
Once you start to recognize the plants and identify them you will be amazed how plentiful these healing herbs and plants are growing wildly in our own back yard, or better yet along the the roadside as you drive to work, Whole foods or Starbucks. I encourage everyone to google a picture of Japanese Knotweed and I guarantee you will find it within 20 minutes- no matter where you live so long as its not a major city.
The other MIRACLE of life I want to talk about is a MEDICINAL MUSHROOM called "CHAGA". I had read and heard much about it from David Wolf but never in my life thought it would be growing in my back yard. If you look around and find any Birch Trees which are very common and easy to pick out because of their white skin. Well this is where the miracle is found. Out of any gashes or wounds in the side of the birch tree is where this medical fungus grows from. As I said in the beginning, my next blog will be about the health benefits and scientific facts about the Chaga and how to prepare a tea from the fungus. The main treatment that CHAGA MUSHROOM is used for is cancers and tumors but much research says it is a cure all of the whole body and a serious immune modulator. For any one who doesn't know what that means, it means that the mushroom's properties has SUPER INTELLIGENCE to know exactly what your immune needs. If it needs to be calmed or jazzed up, it will do what its meant to in order to balance our your body. God I love this stuff and I LOVE NATURE. STAY TUNED. YOUR HOMEWORK IS TO LOCATE BIRCH TREES OR JAPANESE KNOTWEED IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. KNOWLEDGE=POWER

Monday, August 31, 2009


Any one following by blog or knows me personally knows that I have been effected by LYMES DISEASE and that it has touched my life on a very personal way. I am constantly expanding my knowledge about this complicated and pesky disease and have dedicated much of my life to researching, experimenting and gaining any all information to share with you and the world. If I can help even one person it makes it worth my time. I am currently reading a great book called "HEALING LYME". As a raw food enthusiast I also have studied with DAVID WOLF and recently seen an interview with him which focuses on the LYME EPIDEMIC here on the east coast and world wide. In short, there are 4 super sonic herbs that are a must have for the immune system and to fight off active or inactive lyme ( which a huge percentage of the population has but most likely will NEVER be diagnosed). David Wolf stresses a point which I agree with completely:

WHETHER YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH LYMES DISEASE OR NOT. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BOLSTER THE IMMUNE SYSTEM TO FIGHT OFF PARASITES, SPIROCHETES AND FUNGUS to be able to fight off illness and diseases that are introduced into our climate and region. Whether is lymes, asian flu, environmental toxicity or whatever these things will help to keep you healthy and strong. ya ready???????????

1) JAPANESE KNOTWEED (which I will focus on in this blog) It is also known as RESVERATROL)

2) SAMENTO, UNA DE GATO, or CATS CLAW: All go but the same name.



I will blog about each individually, today I will start with the king of the crop. POLYGONUM CUSPIDATUM, aka Japanese Knotweed

Its tradional uses: tonic against Lyme disease, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, nerve and brain tonic.

This plant acts as both symptom relief and as a massive healing treatment, in numerous ways and in all the body's systems affected by the spirochetes that are the cause of the disease complex. Japanese knotweed both enhances and balances the immune function, as well as reducing inflammatory over response throughout the body. It is a strong anti toxin herb, protecting the body against the direct toxins of the infection as well as the toxins released when the treatment begins to kill invaders.

In addition to protecting the often lyme-attacked joints, Knotweed works to protect the brain and nerve tissue from inflammation and damage and protects the skin and heart from lyme related degeneration. Basically all the ways that Lyme and the resulting cascade of reactions attack the body are dealt with by the the KING JAPANESE KNOTWOOD.
Herbalist have attributed these effects to knotweed's high concentration of Resveratrol, a compound best known as the explanation for the "french paradox" effect of red wine. But, as usual that one chemical alone does not account for all of Knotweed's effects and from the alchemy, we know that it is the living intelligence of the whole plant which brings the healing synergy and no part of that intelligence acts in isolation. So, given the synergy that occurs in this complex plant, acting against this complex illness like lyme and other immune disfunctions of auto immune diseases, I highly suggest giving it a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Btw, Japanese knotweed grows like wild in our area. Google a picture of it and be on the look out. The root is best dug out in sept oct and you can prepare your own tinctures and teas. Or it can be ordered on line. Suggested dosage is to start at 1000 milligrams per day and if you can tolerate go to 2000 a day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


DIVINE NECTAR GOT MARRIED THIS WEEKEND. Sorry again for the lapse in time and space with my blogging. The exciting news is that I got married to the most talented gourmet, vegan chef in the world. Mark Shadle owner and head chef at ION restaurant, "It's Only Natural" and yours truly-tied the knot on our organic farm in Durham this weekend. It was a spectacular event and the cosmos and spirits were certainly present at our shamanic ceremony. The ceremony had elements of Tibetan, Hindu, Native American and Brasilian cultures and honored mother earth and our divine union. Simply said, it was beautiful. We will be hosting other spiritual commitment ceremonies, weddings and vow renewal on our sacred land. For further info please email me at and inquiry about have a small, spiritual, intimate gathering. I will be posting photos of the property on FB and my website. Peace my beauties.

Monday, August 17, 2009


My teacher and Guru will be holding a public talk and SHAKPITAT initiation in NOHO in SEPT. I am waiting to get the exact dates, time and location but it will be rare opportunity to sit and meditate with a living saint in her divine presence. She is one of the few Gurus who offer Shaktipat ( which is the spontaneous awaking of the kundalini energy and awaking of the the third eye center) Most people have to travel to India or great distances to find a teacher willing to perform this ceremony. Please come, sit and experience for your self SHRI ANANDIMA's wonderful loving energy. Will post late in the week with all the details

Friday, August 14, 2009


I am so proud to be bringing 2 dear friends of mine to share their life work and passion for healing and plant and tree medicines. SEPT 18-20, on beautiful and sacred ION FARM in Durham CT. This is also my home with my beloved Mark Shadle, and we are so happy to share in this incredible powerful teaching. Please visit call 860-922-6846 for details or visit the website for to read more about the founder and learn more about the plant and tree kingdom. At the end of weekend you will be level one certified to use the medicinal oils for at home healing, in your practice or begin your own. At some point to receive this teaching you will have to travel to Sedona Arizona so take advantage while you can. The space is limited to 10 so that you will receive much attention and hands on healing and of coarse there will be plenty of amazing vegan gourmet food provided by my honey. Please come. For John Odlum and Lysl's direct web site (they are the two divine spirits teaching level one) go to, we are booking up fast.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


For anyone looking for an incredible sneak peek into NYC's famous China town, now's is your chance. Oct 11 from 11-4. The details can be viewed on line at or call 1-800-829-0918. The trip includes, a visit to a buddist temple, a sacred tea ceremony, visiting and meeting chinese doctor and herbal apothecaries, education about the many benefits of chinese herbal medicine. It is lead by famous ND, known as Dr.Z and should not be missed. Please join me on a great day of healing and learning. See you there

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hello my dears. I have been away for sometime finishing up my anti candida, anti parasite, anti fungal and probiotic cleanse. I to share with you some thing wonderful I. across in my journey this last month. It is called Black Cumin Seed oil. Black cumin seeds have been used for centuries in the middle east , Mediterranean and India to treat a variety of ailments and have been adopted for homeopathic use in Europe. The unique nutritional composition of black cumin seeds, which includes numerous essential fatty acids, appears to have a massive impact on the immune system, improvement of the skin, helpful with respiratory ailments and addresses digestive conditions. Nigella sativa is the scientific name for the plant on which the black cumin seeds grow and it is the member of the butter cup family. When ingested, black cumin seeds and extracts have been used for centuries to treat: Stomache pain, gas, treatment for asthma and other respiratory conditions. Cumin is also antimicrobial by nature and can be used to treat urinary tract infections, parasites and fungal infections The oil can be used topically treat eczema and other skin issues. It can be taken internally or applied topically. My preference is 1 teaspoon taken daily.
In 1996 the US Food and Drug Admin approved the use of a medicine incorporating an extract of black cumin seeds for immune support. Several scientific studies have shown that individual with auto immune disorders and cancer have benefited greatly from the black cumin seed. Naturopaths sometimes recommend regular does of black cumin seed to people with weakened immune systems and severe allergies with amazing results. I encourage people to read the book, the ANCIENT BLACK CUMIN SEED on amazon. And after reading deciding for yourself if you think its worth giving it a try. Please post any comments or feedback for those who have tried it and share their experiences with our community.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hey beauties. The rest of July I am taking time to cleanse, fast and do some much need work on my book. I will be back in full effect in Aug sometime. Enjoy the rest of JULY.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I don't often review yoga videos but I came across on recently by RODNEY YEE, titled YOGA BURN and I really wanted to comment on it.

Could slowing down be your key to getting into amazing shape? Discover the cutting edge powerful yoga program that yields results more quickly than other yoga methods. Designed and led by Rodney Yee to deepen your practice, this continuous yoga flows emphasizes transitioning very slowly in and out of essential poses to sculpt a defined, stronger body. Burn fat and move with mindfulness, more than any other yoga video than I have experienced. By keeping you continually in motion and adding three repetitions, Yoga Burn's intensity creates the burn, building lean strength, stamina and flexibility to ignite your metabolism. At the same time to be "PRESENT", says Rodney. It becomes a form of meditation, making your practice feel deep and more rewarding.
It is for all Yoga levels, but especially good for people newer to yoga. You can pick up a cheap copy used on AMAZON, which is what I did. Try it. Also great for men who are not as flexible or people that have a hard time keeping up with Power Yoga. xoxox

Monday, June 22, 2009


Any time you start taking niacin-also known as Vitamin B3-in an amount that is significantly greater than you normally consume, it is possible you will experience what is called a "NIACIN FLUSH". This flush can be recognized by an intense itchy feeling and redding of the skin especially in the face and upper body. So what is exactly happening when you experience a "NIACIN-FLUSH"?

The short, simple answer is that the small blood vessels in the body are expanding due to the ingestion of niacin. This is an understandable reaction since niacin is an essential nutrient for maintaining heart health and improving blood circulation. In fact, it is so essential and effective that it is widely used as a natural and safe way to lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is also beneficial for helping increase HGL(good) cholesterol levels.

Many of the small blood vessels in the body called "capillaries" are so small that blood cells can pass through them only in a single file. Sometimes the passageway can actually become clogged and blood ceases to pass through at all. Niacin is an essential nutrient for addressing this concern.

The body's large organs have blood supplied from large arteries, but many areas of the body, the skin in particular- get their supply of blood only from these small capillaries. And since oxygen is delivered through the blood, when these small capillaries are not working at optimum- the skin is being starved of both nutrients and oxygen.

When niacin enters into the system-the capillaries expand and are able to carry more blood. A capillary that was one letting one blood cell pass at a time-will not carry 2 or 3 at a time. The end result is much better circulation. As this happens the reddening of the skin is simply because there is more blood close to the surface of the body. Along with the reddening, many people also experience an "itchy" sensation. As blood flows to these areas the blood cells in the small capillaries are ridding themselves of their cellular waste products. As they carry out this natural detox process they frequently produce "histamine"
"Histamine is a natural chemical which is produced by cells in the body when they are under attack-such as when you are experiencing a cold or when the cells are expelling toxins. It is this histamine that causes the itchy sensation. When a flush does occur both the reddening and itching should only last a short while from 10 min to 1 hour. As I noted above, it is a beneficial and healthy "cleansing" effect. Admittedly it can be unnerving for someone not familiar with the process, which is why I wanted to discuss it here on my blog.

I suggest starting with 100 mg of niacin and up it by 100 mg until you get the flush I have discussed. Try not and exceed 2000 mg a day without checking liver function but up to that amount is considered therapeutic and safe. Make sure not to get niacin which promises to be FLUSH FREE, as it defeats the healing and detoxifying qualities of niacin. Be well beauties xo

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As a certified colon therapist I feel obligated to answer that I am most asked by my clients, friends and family. The question is how do I know if i have a healthy colon and is there anyway I can test how my digestion is working.

So for the first question, if you want to confirm that your colon is indeed healthy, refer to this list:

*Clear skin without blemishes

*Daily elimination

* Mild-smelling breath

*No mucous, partially digested food or blood in stools

*Elimination time between 18-24 hours

* A big bowel movement in the am and a smaller movement later in the day

*Stools expelled effortlessly

*Soft, well formed stools, often in a long tube shape


Besides checking for the physical signs of a healthy colon every time you eliminate, you can monitor your elimination time (how long it takes food to be digested and excreted) to evaluate your colon health.

The easiest way to test your elimination time is to prepare beets. Their red pigment is so strong that it colors your stool and you will know how long your body took to process them.

1) Prepare fresh beets, eating the whole vegetable not just the juice because it travels through your system very quickly.
2) When you eat the beets, make note of the time and day

3)Look at your stool until you notice the red pigment. Ideally this should be 18-24 hours after you first ate them

Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanks to my web designer at PETTUS CREATIVE- He has really helped me get this thing going and I admire his incredible talents and beautiful spirit so much.

I now can track where my viewers live and I am astonished to see people from over 50 countries logging in to learn about health and holistic lifestyle from my blog. I am overjoyed with gratitude. People from Dubai, Africa, Sudan, Cambodia, New Zealand, India, and beyond. Thank you for caring so much about the things I have to say and I am more inspired and committed than ever to make my blog the best it can be and be a source of information for my global community. Namaste and so much love


With the fourth of JULY rapidly approaching, I thought i'd share my famous raw apple pie recipe and give you an alternative to bring with you to any cooks outs you might be attending or throwing. Have fun choosing whichever types of apples you prefer for the filling. The flavor of your raw pie will be determined by the apples that you choose.

2 cups almonds dry
1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
2 cups pitted dates

1/c cup pitted dates
1 orange, peeling and seeded
Splash of filtered h20

5 cups apples, peeled,seeded, thinly sliced (about 6 large apples)
2 Tablespoon ground cinnamon

To make crust, pulse almonds and salt in a food processor until nuts are in small pieces. You want your crust to have chunks of almonds in it, so don't over process. Use some of the finer flour to "flour" the bottom of your pie dish. Slowly add dates in small batches to mix with almond bits. The dates will bind with the almonds to form a dough. Press dough into the bottom of the floured pie pan and set aside.

To make syrup, place orange into your blender first. Then add dates and blend. If needed, add small amounts of water to help it mix well. set aside.

To make filling, place sliced apples in a large bowl with raisins. Toss with Cinnamon and syrup. Spoon into crust. Enjoy. It will keep in fridge for 2 days. If you are not a raw food purest than by all means add a scoop of rice dream or soy ice creme and make it a la mode.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It was on my trip to Brasil where I really started to tune into the powerful healing tools of crystals and gems for mental, physical and emotional healing. In Vedic astrology, I was familiar with the concept of wearing certain stones to enhance your birth chart or detract from negative aspects of your birth chart. For years my Vedic Astrologer had recommended that I wear a yellow Sapphire on my ring finger to enhance good health and for my spiritual development. The idea is that the vibration and energy of particular stones and gems can directly be transmitted through the body and help heal on all levels of ones being. I did in fact get the ring several years ago and had it set in 22 K gold while I was in India and have not taken of my index finger in over 7 years. However that was where my exploration of healing with stones stopped until my adventure to Brasil, where a vast majority of the crystals that you buy in the states come from. Today I want to focus on the INCREDIBLE power of clear quartz crystal.

As the name would suggest this is a clear gemstone. However, although it appears to be clear, it actually contains the whole spectrum of colors. Clear quartz enhances the energy of other gemstones, when used in conjunction. It amplifies, stores, transforms and focuses energy, Because clear quartz contains the whole spectrum of colors it can be used for many different healing purposes. Known as "the mirror of the soul- it radiates that which is in us, that is divine and is the only gemstone that can be programmed to carry a vibration. Here are some documented uses for clear quartz that I find fascinating.

*it alleviates anger

*it can give clarity of thought and enhance problem solving

*it balances and clear all the chakras

*it has intense cleansing and purifying qualities

*it help promote psychic healing

* it protects the aura

* it is known to correct digestive issues

* it is known to stimulate the thyroid when placed around the neck

*it benefits the thymus and immune system

* it helps deal with emotional issues

* it reduces fever and helps with diarrhea

*it helps with swelling and inflammation

* it has successfully been used to treat vertigo.

Ok do I need to go on??? Go get yourself a big piece or quartz and try it out for yourself. Heres another great DIVINE NECTAR hot tip.

For increased energy or to get a boost for your immune system....try making some crystal infused SUN iced tea.. Take a few pieces of quartz and place in a glass jar with filtered water and some organic tea and place out in the sun for 6-8 hours. The tea will be enhanced and charged with not only the power of the sun but also the healing powers of the quartz. TRY IT and you will see. xoxooxoxoxxo

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Based on decades of research and new understanding of the role of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats in health, I recommend that everyone be on a basic supplement regimen to prevent disease and promote health on an ongoing basis, regardless of what type of diet or lifestyle choices you make. You should plan on getting these supplements and making them a part of your life. I have stripped it down to the bare necessities so that it is more manageable and the rest should come from a clean diet that incorporates all of the colors in the rainbow and as much organic foods as possible and as much live raw foods as possible.


* A high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement (I use Usana, but there are many that are made from food sources which I prefer and are more readily available to the body)

*High quality omega 3 fats- cold pressed fish oil capsules or liquid

* Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D 3 (very important, many of us are vitamin d 3 deficient and don't know it. The only way to really know is to have a vitamin d3 hydroxy test)

* Spirulina or chlorella tablets ( broken cell wall is important)

With these few vitamins and a decent diet you will be in good shape and able to maintain vibrant health. Of coarse you can take more than what I have suggested and that is completely up to you but this should be the baseline. xoxoox NAMASTE

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have researched long and hard to come up with a perfect combination or protein, carbs,  fats, vitamin and minerals that people can use as  a meal replacement during a cleansing fast. This can be substituted for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the intensity of the cleansing program you are on.  This shake provides essential protein for detoxification, omega 3 fatty acids from flax oil, fiber for digestion, increased elimination from flax meal, and antioxidants and phytonutrients from berries and super fruits such as goji or gooseberries.

It will sustain you, even out your blood sugar and help you control your appetite throughout the day.

You may alter the shake according to taste, however it was designed to be quick, easy and contain powerful healing ingredients to help with inflammation and detoxification.   It is easy to make and digest and is quite satisfying.  


2 scoops of a rice powder, hemp powder or whey powder( only  if you are not allergic to dairy or prefer to avoid dairy products)

1 tbsp. of organic flax or borage oil, best a little of both

2 tbsp. ground organic flax seed

1 tbsp chia seed ( if not than just use the flax, but I feel both are best)

1/2 cup of frozen organic or fresh non citrus fruit ( raspberries, strawberries, peaches ect)

1/4 cup of super fruit like dried goji berries, or hunza berries

1 tbsp of organic nut butter ( almond, macadamia, cashew, anything except for peanut butter)

6 to 8 ozs of filter  water depending on desired consistency.  I also like to add a few ice cubes especially if I don't use frozen fruit.

Optional, in the am shake I sometime add a tbsp of raw cacao or maca root for extra energy.

Blend and enjoy.    This recipe will sustain you and give your body all the necessary nutrients when you are trying to cleansing program and also be substantial enough for those of you that are new to cleansing and need something of substance. For people who have been fasting and cleansing longer may only  have this shake during the days leading up to their cleanse and may choose to go with a lighter version that is focused more on just fresh veggie juice as their cleanse progresses.  It can be used as a transition shake for more advanced fasts, or as the main shake for a gentle detox.  By for now beauties.  NAMASTE

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Since taking the BODY ECOLOGY training with famed health guru DONNA GATES, I have been reconnecting with the principle of of food fermentation and the amazing health benefits to eating these fermented foods.  I plan on blogging more and more about this subject but today I will focus on KIMCHEE.  Most people have seen it in the refrigerated section of your asian market or international market.  It is basically cabbage, and other vegetables which are shredded like a cole slaw.  It is naturally fermented in its own juices, usually in a mason jar and as it ages- creates all kinds of friendly bacteria and probiotic activity which is superb for good intestinal health.  It can be eaten alone, or as a side--or on a sandwich or salad and is another delicious way to get that friendly flora flowing throughout the body and gut, without having to take in pill form.  I have noticed recently that Whole Foods is carrying a line of ORGANIC  AND RAW KIMCHEE and other live fermented products like SAUERKRAUT, ASIAN CABBAGE ect.  The company is called REAL PICKLES and is a local East coast company our of upstate New York.  These products are a natural source of active cultures and enzymes and extremely beneficial to good health.   And if you are like me and want to experiment with making your own it is a fairly easy task if you are willing to take the time, love and energy to create this live active foods.  There is NOTHING more gratifying than making something yourself at home that is not only delicious and medicinal for your and your family and I really suggest you read up on.  I am not only making fermented vegetables and slaws but also learning a lot about making my own KEFIR products which a whole other subject for a different day... but trust me when I say you will be hearing a lot about KEFIR  in the upcoming weeks.  According to DONNA GATES, founderof the BODY ECOLOGY diet, 80 percent of our daily food should be fermented foods which is about 80 percent more than most people even think about eating.  Very few people know enough about the healing benefits of fermented foods and I personally think its time to let people in on it.  Go to www. to read more about the principle and in the mean time go buy your self a bottle of KIMCHEE and start getting at least some in to your diet.  xoxooxoxxo

Friday, June 5, 2009


I  have been doing another holistic certification and training and it amazes me with all that I know, or think I know...there is always something new or some information that I overlooked.  I am fully aware as I sure many of my readers are of the dangers of mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum,  ect.    Especially as it relates to cookware, teflon, any non-stick pans, aluminum pans and tin foil ect and how the toxins leach into our food and reek havoc  on our health and immune system...
But it totally went over my head some where along the way the dangers of iron, and iron cookware.  Perhaps there is a part of me that didn't want to know the truth because up until recently have been using a seasoned cast iron skillet that I have adored to cook on.   I thought to myself " iron, that sounds like a good thing. " Every where that I had read had said it was one of the better choices so I took that good news and ran with it.  Little did I know that it was to good to be true and in fact too much iron is a bad thing, a very BAD THING.  But it's not just our cook ware where we get on overdose or iron.  When this happens its called "FREE IRON" and its no good. Here's the places:

* Too much bread and pastas, fortified with iron (and this is pretty much on most packages bread and pastas purchased at the grocery store)

*Eating too much meat which is high in iron ( esp. red meat)

* Vitamin and mineral tablets, like one a day tablets

*Iron cookwares, and cast iron pot ( surprise, surprise).

Together if a person is also dealing with mercury issues, together high mercury and free iron levels, damages your entire digestive system dramatically.  

Every cell in your body needs iron to multiply, but iron is so toxic and oxidizing that bacteria yeast, and fungus don't Carry themselves.  Instead, they steal iron from  your body and then pass it back to you.  In fact, you will never get rids of any parasite, yeast or fungal infection if your free iron is an issue.  Our  immune  system can't defeat heavy metals, so it keeps fighting and gets tired and eventually will succumb  to illness until we get the heavy metals in check.  
I suggest everyone get a beta 2 microglobulin test to find out if you are metal toxic.  

In the mean time, really start to pay attention to the way you are preparing your foods and the cook ware you are using and go to Dr. Mercola's website to learn more about green  safe cookware.  Your health is priceless. I am throwing out my beloved pan gladly and replacing with a shiny and new enamel coated  skillet.  Le Crueset is a wonderful pan, just really pricey but worth the investment.  But there are others that compare on the market if you shop around.  
 Remember KNOWLEDGE= POWER!!! PEOPLE.  xoxooxox

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I finished my 10 days of the liver detox formula and feel my body is ready to start getting rid of any unwanted critters, organisms, yeast, parasites, giardia ( which 90 percent of population has and doesn't even know it). If you have EVER eaten at a salad bar or unwashed fruits or vegetables or traveled anywhere, I guarantee you have some type of parasitic bug of some type.  The good news the herbs that I am about to tell you about get rid of all of them, as well as help the organs, so its a win win for you.    I am forewarning, that these herbs are beyond bitter and the brew is not for the faint hearted.  You can purchase any of them in capsule form, but I stand by my word that the fresh dried herb is more effective when it is brewed fresh.  As I have stated in several of my last blogs, much of the bitterness that you taste on your tongue is part of what starts the critters running for the border. :)   I take about an 1/8 cup of each herb and simmer covered for 15 minutes.  You can always adjust the amount of water to make more brew.  Here is goes

Pau d' Arco (kills parasites and yeast)

Red Clover blossom ( blood purifyer and  stimulates lymphatic drainage)

Black Walnut leaf ( liver stimulant, kills parasites, anti microbial) 

Cloves ( another  strong anti parasite herb and attacks yeast

Golden Seal ( all around anti viral and strong immune stimulant)

Worm wood ( the names says it all, its natures de-worming herb.  NATURE IS AMAZING WHEN YOU REALLY STOP TO MARVEL ABOUT IT)

Sip an 8 oz serving through out the day.  You will not be able to gulp it down.  During the first 3 days, it would be ideal to have two 8 oz servings in a day.  But do what you can.  Also make sure you are eliminating properly when doing this cleanse.  Home enemas or a colonic would be ideal at some point during and after the cleanse.  Then mega probiotics to get the good flora flowing in your gut.  Lots more to come about the benefits of good bacteria.  I am really getting into making my own kefir and fermented veggies.  Again, if you do this there is no need to take the pill form and it can be delicious when made right.  Now back to my tangy anti parasite tea and into the infrared sauna for me.  xoxo

Monday, June 1, 2009


I don't know if anyone out there can relate but the more I can get away from taking pills, capsules or tinctures and substitute with healing herbs, healing foods or medicinal ingredients that can be enjoyed as part of my every day diet and cooking...the happier I am.  My body also responds better to the nutrients when it's delivered this way,  partly because when you are enjoying what you are eating, I believe it also helps your body to assimilate the vitamins and minerals more deeply.  So, earlier I talked about Garlic and making raw garlic a part of your regime of meal preparations and how powerful and enjoyable it can be.  
This week, it is a product called  CHYAWANPRASH, pronounced CHAH-VA-PRASH
It is known throughout INDIA as a staple of Ayurvedic medicine.  It offers anti stress benefits, its a rejuvenative and also offers mega antioxidants. It is known to balance and pacify all three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha. Chyawanprash is a 2000 year recipe from the Charaka Samhita, the first treatise of Ayurveda.  Nearly 40 ingredients are used: using fruits, herbs, plants and roots. This combination of ingredients is believed to have potent free radical scavenging activity and is a tonic for the entire system.  It can be purchased at any india market and most health food stores.  The brand I have and use is by Natures Formulary, but Banyon makes a great one as well.  One teaspoon a day is all you need and it can be takes on bread, crackers, with milk, or in a juice.  Or just by itself.  It tastes a bit like a honey jam with a tangy after taste which comes from the gooseberries.  I swear by it.  Namaste

Sunday, May 31, 2009


One of the most fascinating  books that I have read lately is  The Edgar Cayce Collection, which is four volumes in one. 1) Edgar Cayce on Dreams 2)Edgar Cayce on Healing 3) Edgar Cayce on Health 4) Edgar Cayce on ESP.
The Edgar Cayce Collection is a mesmerizing compendium of the wisdom and insight culled from the life and work of this intriguing man.  Edgar Cayce called the "Sleeping Prophet", entered periods of "sleep" in which he could diagnosis illness, often of people he had never met, and then prescribe medical treatment.  Often Cayce offered solutions to people who had tried all conventional avenues of medicine and been diagnosed as "hopeless".  
I have been influenced so much by his teaching, so much so it would take hours to document. One meditation he had about the wonders and healing power of castor oil packs (which was documented in literally hundreds of his manuscripts)  is but one of the recommendation I implement in my own life as well as the Colonic Institute.  Castor oils packs are an amazing tool in extracting toxins from the bloodstream, promoting better elimination & digestion as well as helping the liver function more efficiently.  Please go to and type in castor oil packs and read all of the helpful info there.
What I wanted to comment today about in this blog was where in his book he specifically talks about his feelings on colon therapy and epsom salt baths and acid/alkaline diet.  
When asked about Colonics and epsom salts for proper detoxification:
His answer: For everyone, everybody should take an internal bath as well as externally.  People would be better of if they would. Clear the body as you do the mind of those hindered. The things that hinder the physically are poor elimination. Set up better eliminations in the body.  This is why osteopathy and colon hydrotherapy come nearer to being the basis of all needed treatments for physical and mental disabilities.  For hydrotherapy and massage are preventative as well as curative measures. The cleaning of the system allows the body forces themselves to function normally and thus to eliminate poisons, congestions and conditions that would become acute throughout the body. 
When asked about the acid /alkaline ration which is best for good health.
His answer: It should consist of those foods which will not create too much of an acid or alkaline condition throughout the body.  It would be better to have more of the alkaline producing than of the acid producing.  A perfect balance is 80 % acid to 20% acid ratio. 
He also commented that a COLD VIRUS cannot exist in an alkaline environment.  

Thus confirming my belief that diseases cannot survive in a highly alkaline environment which is what I have living by and telling my clients for the last 10 years.  
To think that he had these insights in in early 1920's.  His life ended in 1945 and his Edgar Cayce foundation A.R.E was founded in 1932 in Virginia Beach, which is a thriving holistic and spiritual mecca for many who still follow his teachings.  I highly recommend any one of his hundreds of book as a great addition to any library.  There are times when I refer to it daily.  Now I'm off to perfect my RAW Ice-creme recipes.  Love, love, love

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Many people would try and and argue that it is better and just as effective to take garlic capsules versus eating raw garlic.  I myself was too afraid to offend those around me and got caught up in the idea that it is more convenient, more socially acceptable and just as effective to take the capsule versus eating the real raw garlic bulbs....but I stand corrected.  I am 100% a devoted raw garlic fan and the results I have seen have been incredible.  Yeah, it may be a bit much when I am driving in a car full of people and I have eaten 7-8 cloves just a few minutes before, but I am willing to take any  flack I might get from them in order to reap the wonderful benefits I have experienced from garlic.  What people don't understand is that 90% of the effectiveness of the the power of garlic comes from when you first put it in your mouth and start chewing it.  Just like the digestive process, it is through chewing where 90% of digestion and assimilation occurs.  So before we even shallow, a huge process has already begun.  So with this same theory, if we just swallow a few garlic capsules--we have missed a huge part of the healing power that the wonder garlic has to offer us.  
I am not saying that capsules are useless, I am just emphasizing how much more potent and amazing the real garlic is and how we are diluting it's healing properties vastly by take it in capsule form.  There have been many studies lately about the connection between treating Chronic Lymes, Parasites, Chronic Yeast, Ebstein Barr Virus, Mono and even Strep throat  with eating plenty of fresh garlic.  What I like is that I have incorporated the garlic into my diet and  meal preparation so that I actually look forward to eating it.  In the am, I take 6-8 cloves peel them and used a pestle and mortar and crush it up making sure you get the juices flowing out of the center of the clove, this is where most of the healing power comes from.  I toast 2 pieces of ezeikiel bread and spread some raw coconut oil and layer half of the garlic on each slice of bread.  Then I sprinkle a pinch of celtic sea salt and eat away.  CAUTION:  never peel and eat garlic cloves by themselves as you will regret it.  I have tried it and immediately felt sick to my stomach and even like vomiting.  You need some food to buffer the intensity but trust me with a little food you'd surprised how many cloves you can down without even thinking about it.  
Another great way is to make some salsa up and get you cloves in that way.  Just use some gluten free crackers or rice cakes to put the healing salsa on.
My experience from fresh garlic has been:
Stopping cold and flus in there tracks
Massive die off of yeast and candidia
Reduction of sore throat and sinus infections
Helping chelate heavy metals out of body
Reduction in joint pain from Lymes and Lymes symptoms.

Actually a raw food enthusiast and colleague of mine swears he cured his chronic lyme infection with intensive garlic therapy.  

So try it and by the way cooked or roasted garlic doesn't cut it either, it must be RAW RAW RAW.  Ta ta for now.  Namaste and Happy Summer, I myself cannot wait for this summer to get going.  There are so many wonderful events, workshops and music that I planning to attend...of coarse I will keep you in the loop.  xoxo

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After years of being out of the custom fragrance and aromatherapy world, my old company called BODYWARES, was a staple of West Hartford Center for years.  With an extremely loyal fan base, people were shocked and sadden when after 10 years I decided to shut down my retail space and go deeper into my education, healing, spirituality and closed the doors.  But I am very pleased to announce that I will be going back to my roots and getting back into my custom perfume oils and blending under the name Divine Nectar Pure Perfumes.    I will be bringing back many of my most popular blends....RAIN, KENYA, OSHANDI, ANGEL WINGS and others----while coming up with new and exotic fragrances.  The website is, so stay tuned for more details..
As a side note, I am n the process of creating a new line of RAW ICE CREMES, that are dairy free, sugar, free, soy free, and as pure and guilt free as a food could be.  Initially the ice-cremes will be exclusively available at ION in Middletown, ("IT'S ONLY NATURAL") but base on the response I believe it won't be be long before they will available in your local whole foods.  Bye for now mi amors.  xo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


ONE OF THE MOST PROVOCATIVE FILMS of the year is out and will be coming to REAL ART WAY CINEMAS, on Park road in Hartford, CT....but please google it or look to see when it is playing in your local area.  Never has there been a film that hits so closely to home as this one.  It is  called"Under your skin"With a subtitle: "There's no medicine for someone like you."  It goes deeply into the subject of LYMES disease and chronic lyme and how the epidemic is reaching gigantic proportions and how the health care system is failing those who have lyme.  It is not a movie to be missed and is crucial to bring this into the light and into the public eye.  After suffering with chronic Lymes for 5 years and having spend literelly 10,000 dollars in out of pocket expenses and being told by doctors that there was nothing wrong with me or denying covering doctors who were Lyme Specialists, tears began to flow down my cheek even as I watched the trailer.  I am planning to take everyone I know to this film which starts in the hartford area in Mid July.  I will blog again as it comes closer but anyone who is interested should watch the trailer on online at, or google the movie. You can also read about it and watch the trailer directly from REAL ART WAYS WEB SITE.  Run, don't walk to see this film.  Stay well informed. Knowledge=POWER.  NAMASTE

Saturday, May 23, 2009


In my last blog I talked about  my personal ongoing spring liver cleanse and gave my own recipe of loose herbs to create a liver detox.  As we should all be aware the SPRING is know as LIVER SEASON in Chinese medicine.  Also in Chinese medicine the liver is known to rule SKIN, JOINTS AND ANYTHING TO GO WITH THE EYES.  So automatically if you are noticing, break out, eczema, psoriasis, acne or rashes on the skin --your body is crying out to you. If you experience arthritis, joint pain, cracking joints, knee or shoulder pain or stiffness- HELLO AGAIN!! Or, any eyes problems, spots dancing, floaters, pink eye, swollen eyes, itchy eyes....ITS YOUR LIVER CALLING, ARE YOU HOME????  Even if you have none of these ailments, the liver most me cared for in the most delicate way as it rules the body.  Aside from our brain, the liver is King and the large intestines and colon are Queen and known as our "second brain".  For todays blog I want to focus on an herb or vegetable you might have seen at the grocery store or have some familiarity with, but often people I talk to have heard of it, even know what it looks like--but have never actually used it or know anything about its amazing healing qualities.  And the todays winner is ......BURDOCK ROOT.
Burdock has been used for centuries to treat a host of ailments.  It has been traditionally used as a "BLOOD PURIFIER" to clear the bloodstream of toxins, as a diuretic by increasing urine output.  In Japan and some parts of Europe, burdock is eaten as a vegetable and recent studies confirm that burdock has prebiotic properties that can improve health. In particular the endocrine system and as a liver tonic. It can be eaten, but I prefer to get burdock root in fresh dried form (available at most chinese grocery stores or on line.  I have seen it in my local area, so you might ask your local health food store or go online).  If you don't have time or money to get all of herbs listed in my last liver detox blog, you can simplify it down to 2 herbs.  Burdock root and saspirilla .  These two when taken together in a tea is a very powerful  liver tonic.  I highly suggest doing this tea for at least one month during the spring/summer months.  And please give your liver a break, it needs it!!  Much more about the grave importance of the liver and how to cleanse and support it.   I am all about the liver right now.  stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am responding to many call about what type of herbs are best for the spring cleansing period.  I am in the midst of a liver, whole body cleanse and here is what I am personally using.  I am using all certified and organic loose herbs by the pound which I find more effective than capsules of tinctures.  If you absolutely don't have the time to get the fresh herbs, tinctures are second best way to go.  
1 part Marshmallow root
1 part Burdock root
1 part Dandelion root and leaf
1 part Milk thistle
1 part Wild cherry bark
1 part Burplerum ( not an absolute but is know in chinese medicine as the the number one liver cleanser/tonic)
1 part Chickweed

simmer for 10 minutes and sip through out the day.  I make one large batch and keep adding to it.  Every 2 days, I discard and start fresh.  

The herb company I ordered my bulk herbs from is called STAR WEST  BOTANICALS.  But people in the hartford area, there is a wonderful health food store in Bloomfield called LIMS HEALTHFOOD in the Copaco center near home depot--- and they have all the medicinal herbs in bulk and are very helpful.  Just bring in this list and they will be able to help find all of these ingredients.  I love to support them because they are local and small business.  xoxo