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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Many people would try and and argue that it is better and just as effective to take garlic capsules versus eating raw garlic.  I myself was too afraid to offend those around me and got caught up in the idea that it is more convenient, more socially acceptable and just as effective to take the capsule versus eating the real raw garlic bulbs....but I stand corrected.  I am 100% a devoted raw garlic fan and the results I have seen have been incredible.  Yeah, it may be a bit much when I am driving in a car full of people and I have eaten 7-8 cloves just a few minutes before, but I am willing to take any  flack I might get from them in order to reap the wonderful benefits I have experienced from garlic.  What people don't understand is that 90% of the effectiveness of the the power of garlic comes from when you first put it in your mouth and start chewing it.  Just like the digestive process, it is through chewing where 90% of digestion and assimilation occurs.  So before we even shallow, a huge process has already begun.  So with this same theory, if we just swallow a few garlic capsules--we have missed a huge part of the healing power that the wonder garlic has to offer us.  
I am not saying that capsules are useless, I am just emphasizing how much more potent and amazing the real garlic is and how we are diluting it's healing properties vastly by take it in capsule form.  There have been many studies lately about the connection between treating Chronic Lymes, Parasites, Chronic Yeast, Ebstein Barr Virus, Mono and even Strep throat  with eating plenty of fresh garlic.  What I like is that I have incorporated the garlic into my diet and  meal preparation so that I actually look forward to eating it.  In the am, I take 6-8 cloves peel them and used a pestle and mortar and crush it up making sure you get the juices flowing out of the center of the clove, this is where most of the healing power comes from.  I toast 2 pieces of ezeikiel bread and spread some raw coconut oil and layer half of the garlic on each slice of bread.  Then I sprinkle a pinch of celtic sea salt and eat away.  CAUTION:  never peel and eat garlic cloves by themselves as you will regret it.  I have tried it and immediately felt sick to my stomach and even like vomiting.  You need some food to buffer the intensity but trust me with a little food you'd surprised how many cloves you can down without even thinking about it.  
Another great way is to make some salsa up and get you cloves in that way.  Just use some gluten free crackers or rice cakes to put the healing salsa on.
My experience from fresh garlic has been:
Stopping cold and flus in there tracks
Massive die off of yeast and candidia
Reduction of sore throat and sinus infections
Helping chelate heavy metals out of body
Reduction in joint pain from Lymes and Lymes symptoms.

Actually a raw food enthusiast and colleague of mine swears he cured his chronic lyme infection with intensive garlic therapy.  

So try it and by the way cooked or roasted garlic doesn't cut it either, it must be RAW RAW RAW.  Ta ta for now.  Namaste and Happy Summer, I myself cannot wait for this summer to get going.  There are so many wonderful events, workshops and music that I planning to attend...of coarse I will keep you in the loop.  xoxo

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After years of being out of the custom fragrance and aromatherapy world, my old company called BODYWARES, was a staple of West Hartford Center for years.  With an extremely loyal fan base, people were shocked and sadden when after 10 years I decided to shut down my retail space and go deeper into my education, healing, spirituality and closed the doors.  But I am very pleased to announce that I will be going back to my roots and getting back into my custom perfume oils and blending under the name Divine Nectar Pure Perfumes.    I will be bringing back many of my most popular blends....RAIN, KENYA, OSHANDI, ANGEL WINGS and others----while coming up with new and exotic fragrances.  The website is, so stay tuned for more details..
As a side note, I am n the process of creating a new line of RAW ICE CREMES, that are dairy free, sugar, free, soy free, and as pure and guilt free as a food could be.  Initially the ice-cremes will be exclusively available at ION in Middletown, ("IT'S ONLY NATURAL") but base on the response I believe it won't be be long before they will available in your local whole foods.  Bye for now mi amors.  xo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


ONE OF THE MOST PROVOCATIVE FILMS of the year is out and will be coming to REAL ART WAY CINEMAS, on Park road in Hartford, CT....but please google it or look to see when it is playing in your local area.  Never has there been a film that hits so closely to home as this one.  It is  called"Under your skin"With a subtitle: "There's no medicine for someone like you."  It goes deeply into the subject of LYMES disease and chronic lyme and how the epidemic is reaching gigantic proportions and how the health care system is failing those who have lyme.  It is not a movie to be missed and is crucial to bring this into the light and into the public eye.  After suffering with chronic Lymes for 5 years and having spend literelly 10,000 dollars in out of pocket expenses and being told by doctors that there was nothing wrong with me or denying covering doctors who were Lyme Specialists, tears began to flow down my cheek even as I watched the trailer.  I am planning to take everyone I know to this film which starts in the hartford area in Mid July.  I will blog again as it comes closer but anyone who is interested should watch the trailer on online at, or google the movie. You can also read about it and watch the trailer directly from REAL ART WAYS WEB SITE.  Run, don't walk to see this film.  Stay well informed. Knowledge=POWER.  NAMASTE