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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


All traditional cultures and civilizations have relied upon natural ways of healing and some of these methods are more effective than modern medicine, without producing any side effects. They are also more economical  than the modern way of treatment.  Some example of the medicinal uses of common foods that have used traditionally for many centuries in Far Eastern countries are as follows:  The 3 teas I am going to mention are widely used  in macrobiotic healing and I personally have tried all and find them to be extremely powerful healers...

LOTUS ROOT TEA: Helps to relieve coughing and dissolves excess mucous in the body. Grade one half cup fresh lotus root, squeeze the juice into a pot and add a small  amount of water.  Cook 5 to 8 min, add a pinch of celtic sea salt or tamari soy and drink hot.

SHIITAKE MUSHROOM TEA: Used to relax an overly tense, stressful condition and helps dissolve excess fats in the body.  Soak a dried black shiitake mushroom cut in quarters. Cook in 2 cups of water for 20 minutes with a pinch of celtic sea salt.  Drink half a cup at a time.

TAMARI BANCHA TEA: Neutralizes an acidic blood condition, promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue.  Pour one cup of hot bancha twig teas over 1 teaspoon tamari.  Stir and drink hot.

For a comprehensive guide to medicinal foods and healing please see MICHIO KUCHIS MACROBIOTIC HOME REMEDIES, edited by Marc Van Cauwenberghe MD (Tokyo, NEW YORK: JAPAN PUBLICATIONS, 1985)