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Friday, March 26, 2010



This 40 dollar slicer has changed my life. Suddenly new textures, new shapes - new ways to prepare veggies and best of all in lightening fast speed. I prepared a huge plate of Daikon and zucchini pasta within 2 minutes flat. It comes with 3 super sharp and cook blades with store right on the unit. I love that because I don't know how many attachments I have lost in a junk drawer and trust me the appliances were a hell of alot more than $40 bucks.. You can can make carrot pasta, sweet potato spirals, angel hair pasta out of any hard vegetable. I am thrilled beyond belief and its not only so easy to use, but a breeze to clean.. thank you, the GODS were smiling upon me when I found this. I suggest you get one and have some fun with it.


Fasting doesn't have to mean starving oneself or drinking only juices or Water. It can be as gratifying as eating all the fruit you want for any entire day or even a week. This is called A MONO fruit fast, which means you pick one of the 3 known beneficial fasting fruits, Organic Grapes, Organic Apples or Watermelon and eat that one fruit all day with nothing else. Detox Diva believes that the organic Concord dark grapes with seeds to be the best, but as long as they are red and NOT seedless, and they are organic you will be fine. You must not only chew the grape well, ( 30 to 40 chews pet mouthful) but its crucial that you chew the seeds well as the seeds have a diuretic and cleansing effect on the entire body and especially on digeston. I will be adding much more to this later tonight. So don't run out and buy your grapes yet. Stay tuned until a little later for more details...
I personally know people (my clients) that have done this grape fast for up to 21 days, but think its a perfect 1=3 to three day fast for someone who isnt keen on a fast where they are unable to eat anything or a limited amount. On this fast you can eat as many grapes as you stand and never have to experience true hunger, but you do get so of the same benefits or detoxing the liver, the blood and helping your digestion by not giving it excess fats or proteins which helps to heal and repair the body. I do this fast periodically in the spring in summer. I like to pick one day, usually MOnday and do the mono fruit thing. I try and do it weekly and have noticed it really helps with my energy and sleep patterns. More soon beauties. xoxoxoxox So much going on here at the FARM. Off to check the wild watercress that we harvest right from our property. Yummy watercress din din