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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Many people are inquiring what exactly the intuitive has suggested for my Ebstein Barr virus and immune compromised system. FYI, many people were tainted with this mutated form of the ebstein barr virus when they were given a vaccines at some point in their life. I have heard from several people with similar stories since my first post on this subject and it is really tying together many of my symptoms and why my body has been going haywire. I intuitively knew that since my last round of Hep A and B vaccines which I got in order to travel to India my last trip- I have never truly recovered fully. After that round of vaccines, I had MONO and STREP throat 4 times a year, which is unheard of. I also produced a positive lymes test which was unresponsive to ANY kind of Lyme treatment. This theory about the EBV being the underlying cause is making so much sense to me. I am NOT saying that there aren't people that get LYMES disease. In fact my husband got bit last summer and has the classic bulls eye rash. He took 10 days of Doxy as prescribed by the doc and he was fine. I am just implying that I think there are MANY false positives out there because the EBV virus seems to be able to mimic Lymes disease and even perhaps produce a positive lyme test. So my focus now for my body is to kill of the EBV virus and not feed it anymore. In essence starve it so it doesn't react any more in my body. According to the intuitive although my diet has been clean and healthy there were still things I was eating that were feeding the virus and making it read its ugly head over and over again. Not only did the virus kick up strep and mono but also constant cold sores and herpes outbreaks any time I was stressed. So here it is!!

I am eating zero grains!! and I mean ZERO. NO VINEGAR, NO SALT, little to NO PROTEIN ( aside from heaping amounts of Spiralina & sprouted seeds ) NO SUGAR ( but tons of fresh raw organic fruits, which is a god send) NO SOY, NO SOY PRODUCTS ( including my beloved Braggs) NO VINEGAR, NO CONDIMENTS, ( except dulse) NO FATS, (but I get one to 2 avocados a day)

But here is the good news I am doing great!!!!!!!!! My diet looks a bit like 80-90 percent raw fruits, green juices and veggies with an emphasis on sprouted anything. Broc sprouts, bean sprouts, lentil sprouts ect. I make a yummy dressing with half and avocado, juice of one organic orange, juice of a lemon, dulse and a drop of stevia. I do my miracle celery juice/cucumber juice every morning until noonish ( several mason jars full). In the am I aslo can have several bananas or fresh mango, papaya, or other organic fruit if Im hungry.
Then a have a spiralina smootie around noon: with organic mango, banana, bee pollen and 3 heaping teaspoons of Hawaiian spiralina. At 2ish, a huge sprouted salad with any kind of sprout, organic cukes, avocado and sprouted pumpkin seeds on top. (YUMMMY)
Dinner consists of steamed veg with dulse and organic orange juice to make it tangy and sprouts on top. And I must have dessert, I will indulge with a fresh date with a walnut and make a date nut bread. Over all I feel satisfied and Ive been doing this for about 2 weeks. I know some people might question the fruit sugars and how that can be good. But according to the intuitive the enzymes & fiber I am getting from the organic fruits its actually repairing my digestion and the virus does not feed on that. what it has been feeding on is all the other things I took out of my diet. more to come

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is an area where this is particular confusion and misunderstanding. I myself fell into the rationale that the more super-foods and Immune boosting I took and could get in my body--the better I would feel. I ate Cacao for breakfast, put Maca, Goji berries in every smoothie, ate gooseberries and shizandra berries in my salads....I think you get the idea. And while I Absolutely believe in the amazing and powerful effects of this super foods there was piece I was failing to look at. What does IMMUNE COMPROMISED mean and imply?? Usually it is described as an immune system that is attacking itself thus causing it to go haywire and cause all kinds of health maladies within the body. So when we take IMMUNE ENHANCING herbs or foods, if our immune system if not functioning properly and we are over stimulating it with SUPER FOODS and SUPER CHARGED immune boosting things, it can cause of the immune system to destroy itself even further and cause more harm than good. I always wondered why at times rather than feeling better and full of energy, that in fact I would feel overtaxed or run down and I NEVER put the two together. I always blamed it on some type of detox reaction or thought it was just the way I was feeling on that particular day.
Then one day it dawned on me....holy shit.....could the MACA or CACAO be over stimulating me???

I want to be really, really clear about this, I think Peruvian, Amazonian Herbs, Cacao and the like are totally amazing. I have them in my cupboard and still used them in moderation. My point is that rather than taking immune boosting herbs, people with chronic Immune suppression need to be very careful about running their immune systems more ragged in taking such herbs or superfoods. We need more supportive herbs and herbs that can balance our immune system without throwing it full throttle into overdrive. For my clients with out immune issues, I tell them sure go ahead and load up of the super foods in their diet but always be mindful to make sure they aren't overdoing it. If their sleep is off, or they are feeling anxious or run down- perhaps lay off them for a few days or a week and see if it subsides. Always trust your body and what it is telling you. No matter what the package says the benefits might be, the proof is in the pudding and not in the eating. Bye bye Beauties. xoxoxox

Monday, March 15, 2010


I want to keep on doing what I'm doing so I'd like to know what you want me to write more about. Please take my short poll and vote on the subjects you'd like to see more of. If there is something you would like me to write about that is not listed please comment on this blog and I will get right on it. Thanks for your time, it's good for me to know that there are people out there are listening. Bye bye beauties