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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Although Brazil feels a million miles away, in my heart it is near and dear. When I look back on the incredible video footage and hundreds of photos that paints a story of what my experiences were like. But in no way can the images capture the true essence of my healing journey and transformation that began in Brazil. The thing that I remember so vividly is the faces and the spirits of the beautiful people, ( old and young) that I was lucky enough to come in contact with while I was there on a "VISON QUEST" and doing research of some of the most powerful "medicinal" plants and Shamanic ceremonies that very few westerns have access to- or even know about for that matter. While I will not disclose the location of this community, I will speak of how BEAUTIFUL, SIMPLE, CONNECTED, HUMBLE and COMMITTED to their connection to the jungle and mountains that they call home. The way they honor the plants and trees and pray not only to GOD and SPIRIT but pay homage to the the Sacred Plants directly in their prayers, songs, and rituals. The "Hinereos" are beautifully written songs song in Portuguese that are PRAYERS to the jungle and to the sacramental plants they use to access divine spirit and their connection to nature, plants & animals.
While partaking directly in these rituals along side of them, I experienced a ONENESS in universe like never felt before. I experienced death, life, sadness and joy - Every emotion, every feeling...but on every level knew I was starting to shift into the next level of my consciousness and healing on a cell level. I allowed myself to completely in the moment and an open vessel to receive the teaching from the forest and take that experience forward into the world and help all the people I can. This is why I am here blogging for you all. I love each and every one of you...and I here for you.