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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As you all know, I have been very vocal about my struggles with my LYMES DIAGNOSIS and MERCURY OVERLOAD as I have made my health journey and treatments a very public affair in hopes of help anyone out there who is suffering and help point them in the right direction. A new diagnosis came through over this past weekend that really struck a cord within me and pretty much floored me. I was in lying in bed on this past sunday thinking of new topics for my blog and I saw an out of area phone number which I almost chose to ignore, ( assuming it was a telemarketing thing)...thankfully I picked up the phone and the man on the other end identified himself as "ANTHONY" and proceeded to tell me he was a medical intuitive and that we received a call from my cell phone number in april 2007, almost 3 YEARS AGO. He went on to explain that he had been in a serious accident and was in a coma for a year and miraculously survived and was just getting back to his medical intuitive practice and looking over his piles and piles of client files and contact info. He told me out of literally hundreds of contacts of both old and new clients- that we was clear that my cell phone number, which had no name attached to it- was in fact a number that needed to be contacted immediately. So he followed spirit and called that number to see who was on the other line. Voila, it was me. I had remembered that I was referred to a medical intuitive back then when I received my Lymes diagnosis and had reached out to a man named ANTHONY, but he never responded. And I know why.

To make a very long and interesting story short. 3 years later, while feeling better and stronger than when I was diagnosed- many of my symptoms still remain a mystery to me and there are day where I struggle with finding THE ANSWER. And so this call from the intuitive, although completely unexpected, and 3 years LATE, still was very welcomed by me. In fact, I had been meditating and praying to God and the universe to help lead me to the way of even deeper healing and greater health and vitality and so my prayers were heard and answered. Anthony offered me that while I was given the diagnosis of lymes disease, he was told from spirit that it was NOT LYMES I was dealing with at all. He explained that while I may of gotten lymes along the way that- in fact it was a mutant form of EBSTEIN BARR VIRUS that was actually making my body so sick for all those years and it was the virus that gave me a positive LYMES TEST and many of the other symptoms. I was floored and relieved to hear this and it actually everything started to make a lot of sense. I did test positive for Ebstein Barr along the way but my doctors just kind of glossed over that fact by saying that most people have a positive ebstein barr titer and not to worry about it. This in fact is true for many people as Anthony explained, but for me he believes the stain I have came from a vaccine that was started in MAY 1969, (Hello, that was the year I was born exactly- MAY 15, 1969, could my timing be any better???? LOL) This strain mutates and for many individuals, like myself cause a whole host of health maladies and can even turn in MS if it is not dealt with and eradicated.

As for my diagnosis and treatment plan, I will save that for my new posting. He gave me a VERY CLEAR picture of how the virus works and how it has effected my body, spleen, liver and other parts of my body. He also gave me a very concise and strict protocol to help my body get rid of it. Lets just say bye bye to GLUTEN & ANY FORM OF SOY or DAIRY forever. He said the virus has been feeding on those things and keeping it alive. And other I have had a good diet, he saw I detox diet that has NO SALT, GRAINS and LIMITED PROTEIN for a period of time while I starve the virus out of my body. More to come, but I will do ANYTHING to have my health at 110%. All the money and fame in the world is worth NOTHING with out health and vitality. I WANT TO BE RICH NOT ON MONEY BUT HEALTH. BYE BEAUTIES

And yes, this proves to be valuable information and Anthony is able to help me, you can be damn well sure I will be sending anyone and everyone to him. At this point, I find him brilliant but I am reserving any claims until I have stuck with the diet and recommendations for at least a few weeks. I will post email and contact info at such time. I will always share my information with you, always....anything I can do to make a difference in your life and empower you to have the life you want, including wellness!!