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Sunday, October 17, 2010


In case you haven't heard of Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, she a a multi time NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author. She is best known for her infamous "FAT FLUSH DIET" & "GET THE SUGAR OUT" to name but only a few of her popular best sellers. Mark and I shared an intimate evening by the roaring fire with her and her lovely husband James -sipping on twig tea and discussing her latest book, "ZAPPED" which just launched and has already gone to the bestsellers list. It is an in depth look at how the techie age and electronic revolution has us DIALED IN, SUPER CHARGED and is ZAPPING our good health without us even knowing it. I am settling in tonight to read my signed copy but thought I'd share a few quick tips on how to protect us from our best friends, MR & MRS PDA and CELLPHONE. What?? My blackberry is bad?? Now what am i going to do? OH NO NOT THAT!!!
But the very inconvenient truth is, we need to start looking into this without the rose colored glasses. As the DETOX DIVA, I am beginning to understand the connection between illness and people's inability to heal or detox because of the enormous EMF wave we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Between the WIFI, wireless head devices, Ipads, cell phone towers & phones and the hundreds of other electronic gadgets we are exposed to in a single is no wonder why so many of us are suffering.

Here are some useful tips regarding cell phone use and things we can do to limit our exposure to a minimum.

1. Invest in an air tube headpiece

2. Put people on speaker. Anything to keep as far away from your head as possible

3. Use your words. Text whenever possible, it limits the duration of your exposure and keeps the phone away from head and body

4. Go offline. Make it a habit to turn phone of when ever its not in use

5. Make the switch. If you must hold the phone to your head which in NOT ADVISED, switch ears frequently to limit the constant exposure.

6. Keep an eye on the bars. Don't use your cell phone when the signal strength is low as it is working harder and sending out a stronger signal which means more EMF waves

7.Keep it short as possible

8. Avoid holding phone to ear when the call is dialing or trying to connect. This is when the phone is at its peak output.

I will be back in touch as I learn more about EMF and electronic pollution. This is an area I feel compelled to master and study in order to educate myself and the community about the hidden dangers of this new world we are living in. ZAPPED, is A MUST READ FOR EVERY SINGLE ON OF US. REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE = POWER. Until later Beauties.........Namasate, love & light