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Friday, August 29, 2008


I have been studying the origins of AYURVEDA for years and in particular the huge impact of the herbal formulas have had on my life and over all health. The herb I would like to focus on today is ASHWAGANDA, when translated loosly means the "STRENGTH OF 10 HORSES" implying that this aromatic herb provides the strength of a stallion....sounds good right????
Ashwaganda is among the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacy. It is sometimes referred to as the "Indian Gingseng" for its reputed restorative benefits. It has traditonal use in supporting rejuvenation after illness and as a sexual enhanser for both men and woman. Ashwanganda is also classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps modify the harmful effects on stress in the body and it wonderful for depression and insomnia. With its benefical influence on the nervous system, it is often prescibed for people with chronic fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and a general sense of ungroundness. Mixed with warm milk and taken before bed it will help with anxiety and restlessness. It works great for kids as well.
In patients facing cancer, ashwaganda can be a extemely valuable ally as people are attempting to regain their energy and strength.

The usual dosage is 600-1000 mgs twice daily. A tablet or capsule of powdered ashwaganda crushed in hot milk and sweetened with honey will enhance its sedating qualities.
You can easily find it at for the purest organic ingredients....but I have seen it by Planetary Formulations at Whole Foods in capsule form. It is definatley worth a try and has helped me immensely as I have been recovering with my battle with LYMES.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Did you know that flowers can heal? Yes, their brilliant shapes and colors warm the soul and their scents bring life to the senses--but there's more to flowers than just their physical attributes.

Like everything on earth, flowers have energy and that energy can be harnessed to effecuate changes in the body through remedies such as those designed by Dr. Bach. Similar to homeopathy, Bach's flower remedies use the energy of substances to heal, with the difference that Bach flowers impart the desired energy of a substance into the body, rather than a substance of what is causing a person to ail (as in homeopathy). Both approachs work, however and the desired substance of the Bach flowers are energies that creat positive or "higher" states of being, which alter a person's state of mind, thereby creating a healing effect on the entire body.

Dr. Bach believed that all illness originates from a disconnect between our personality and soul (or higher self) and that by bringing the self into a line with the soul, the body will resond by healing. This is accomplished by giving the body flowers that creat a state of mind that is opposite to that which is causing the problem in the mind and body. The most effective treatments are those that address the root cause of the emotionsm thoughts and beliefs. For instance, a person may be fearful, but beacause various flower remedies exist for treating fearm it is important to know why the fear persists...different flowers address different causes of fear.

Once you understand how the flowers work and are able to discern which ones would best suit you, you can prescibe a regimen for yourself, WITHOUT the help of a specialist. This can be accomplished by studying the troublesome character traits, belief systems, symptoms and feelings that each specific flower addresses and then preparinga remedy by correlating your symptoms with that appropriate information. Don't worry unlike pharmaceutical medications, the flowers are gentle and have no side effects, so go ahead and try them.

To find out more info go to or they can also be bought at your local health food store. Happy Flowering....... until next time