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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A big hot topic in the Lyme community is what is called BIOFILM but it goes way beyond LYMES. Here are some facts about it. The national Institutes of Health Estimated that 60% of all human infections and 80 % of refractory infections ( def. Unresponsive to medical treatment) are attributable to BIOFILM COLONIES. Research has shown this to be true in cases where the pathogen is Chlamydia pneunomiae, Helicobacter pylori, Lyme Disease- Borrelia Burgdorferi and Candida albicans- to name just a few.
The protection conferred upon microorganisms by Biofilm allows them to achieve a hign level of antibiotic resistance, stealth and invisibility. Biofilms not only provide a physical barrier to antimicrobial agents ( pharmaceutical antibiotics) and host antibiotics but facilitate the exchange of antibiotic-resistant genetic material between organisms and may contain antibiotic degrading enzymes such as b-lactamase, effectively neutralizing incoming antibiotic molecules. Biofilms thus render pathogenic microorganisms enormously difficult to eradicate and can almost single-handedly contribute to localized or systemic inflammatory reactions and delayed wound healing. The number or human diseases shown to to be associated with Biofilms is expanding and includes: Chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, cystic fibrosis pneumonia, peridontitis, Crohns's disease, ulcerative colitis to name just a few.
What's the good news???? Many Doctors and researchers have developed effective Biofilm Protocol's that can help puncture the film wall and help make your method of treatment more effective and thus healing the condition fully.

Here is one protocol by Dr. Ettingers:

1) MONOLAURIN (lauric acid) 600mgs 2 caps 2x a day
2)NATTOKINASE ( a potent fibrinolytic enzyme) 100 mgs 1-3 times a aday
3)INTERFASE PLUS ( a broad spectrum enzyme formula w/EDTA) 2 caps 3 X a day on empty stomach
4)SERRAPEPTASE ( 20,000 units 2 x day
5) VITAMIN C ( ascorbic acid- not buffered as most of these contain metals) 500 mgs 4 x a day.

Avoid supplemental forms of Magnesium, Iron and Calcium as they may feed biofilm.

Take a broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic as these crowd out the bad bacteria and help disturb biofilm colonies along the mucous membrane.

I am currently experimenting with this biofilm protocol for a month and post back with my results but it may be worth looking more into and researching on your own. Bye for now beauties and HAPPY 2010 if I dont blog until after!!!