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Monday, June 29, 2009


I don't often review yoga videos but I came across on recently by RODNEY YEE, titled YOGA BURN and I really wanted to comment on it.

Could slowing down be your key to getting into amazing shape? Discover the cutting edge powerful yoga program that yields results more quickly than other yoga methods. Designed and led by Rodney Yee to deepen your practice, this continuous yoga flows emphasizes transitioning very slowly in and out of essential poses to sculpt a defined, stronger body. Burn fat and move with mindfulness, more than any other yoga video than I have experienced. By keeping you continually in motion and adding three repetitions, Yoga Burn's intensity creates the burn, building lean strength, stamina and flexibility to ignite your metabolism. At the same time to be "PRESENT", says Rodney. It becomes a form of meditation, making your practice feel deep and more rewarding.
It is for all Yoga levels, but especially good for people newer to yoga. You can pick up a cheap copy used on AMAZON, which is what I did. Try it. Also great for men who are not as flexible or people that have a hard time keeping up with Power Yoga. xoxox