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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I under went phychic surgery while Brasil and will write more in detail once I have processed the experience more fully. I will say this much, there is NOTHING LIKE THIS ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES OR IN THE WORLD!!!!
People from all over the world, with all kind of health malodies- flock to Brasil to have this form of treatment. Basically, it is all done in the astral plane, there are NO INCISIONS, NO CUTTING AND NO TOOLS USED. Medical doctors who are also highly spiritual mediums, channel spirits and use the information they are given during the surgery to prescibe directly to the patient and are also given the guidance of where the illness lies in the body. They make incisions by lightly touching the body as if their fingers were a medical scapel and remove anything from the body that is causing it to be ill. I also saw people there who were using it for broken bones, cancer treatments, children with rare dieases ect.
I was able to have my eyes open during the whole surgery, when I was done with my surgery, there was a reddish brown substance on my dress which resembled blood. I WAS FREAKED OUT OF COARSE. And the medium reassured me this substance was called ECTOPLASM and is very common when the surgen removes negative energy any illness in the body. I am clear that i did not see him put anything on my dress and after the surgery it was quite clear to me, that SOMETHING EXTRORDINARY HAD OCCURRED. More to write later, as I have been directed to lay down and rest for post-op recovery for 24 hours. I will research this in much greater detail, as i am sure that there are many people and cients of mine especially with chronic illness that will benefit from this experience and I HOPE TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN. peace