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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Many people ask the question how they can use essential oils in there every day life and how they will benefit them. Did you realize that the molecular structure of Plants and Trees is like the molecular structure of humans, animals, fish and fowl? Why so you supposes that vegetables and fruits are good for the body? Well, the essences likewise are highly beneficial fro humans, animals fish and fowl. Essences have been created to be our medicine and food and they are harmonized. The human body, our heart, our inner child recognizes this, yet our minds due to our programming, have forgotten these truths...but we are now returning that truth. In reality, our traditional allopathic medical system has not been interested in you becoming aware that the pharmaceutical companies, despite all of their hoola, DO NOT KNOW HOW to harmonize drugs like nature does; Hence the horrendous side effects scenario that is before us, wherein 25-30% of the hospital beds in our country alone are taken up with patients suffering from drug interactions and side effects.
The paradigm of the Plant and Tree kingdom is purely based in love and addresses Prevention first and symptoms second, whereas the traditional allopathic and pharmaceutical paradigm is fear based and addresses symptoms first and prevention second, or NOT AT ALL in some cases. One of the reasons I point this out is because if you approach phyto-aromatherapy with fear and all its appendages within the traditional health programming you will have negative and fear based feelings like, "Can I truly take responsibility for my health?"
"Should I believe my allopathic doctors and other voices which tell me I should not take take responsibility because they know and I don't?"
"Can medicinal essences really work for me when I all I have been taught and programmed with is drugs, surgery and the warning that alternative medicine, like medicinal essences, is nonsence and not scientific?"
Plants and trees and their essences have been human beings medicine for thousands of years....and pharmecueuticals for only 100 years. We are becoming aware that past civilizations on the this plants were more highly evolved than us and that we are on an upward path towards a reawakening and remembering of the power we have lost. Consider Plants and Trees as friends that desire communication with you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They have consciousness and intelligence.
Medicinal grade essential oils can be safely used in an undiluted manner for the facilitation of healing by means of inhalation, topical application and ingested. As a practitioner , I uses essence 24/7 on my clients and myself. Also, this is where your responsibility comes to learn about the essences and how to use them properly. Any one interested in being certified with level one medicinal aromatherapy can contact me at I will be posted pictures from the first workshop we had at ION farm in Durham this weekend. It was remarkable. Bye for now beauties