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Saturday, November 7, 2009


This time of the year I always gravitate back to some of my grandmother Beach's old wives holistic remedies. And yes, they are usually the simplest, most cost effective and most effective healing remedies available. One of my favorites is raw cultured APPLES CIDER VINEGAR and heres a little bit of background on it. Fact: Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine in 400 B.c treated his patients with natural, ACV for its powerful healing cleansing qualities. It's a naturally occurring antibiotic, antiseptic and miraculously fights germs and bacteria. The internal benefits include:
*Rich miracle enzymes and potassium
*Helps control and normalize weight
*Improves digestion and assimilation
*Helps relieve arthritis and stiffness
*Relieves dry and sore throats
*Helps remove body toxins

The external benefits include:

*Helps promote a youthful body
*Helps maintain healthy skin
*Helps prevent dandruff , baldness and itching scalp
*Soothes tight, arching muscles and joints

Organic Apple cider vinegar is the #1 food I recommend in my health and colonic practice for maintaining the body's vital acid-alkaline balance.

ACV combats gallstones
ACV helps shrink prostate
ACV Vinegar for feminine hygiene
Fight arthritis with ACV
ACV helps rid the body of mucous. THIS IS WHY I TURN TO IT IN THE FALL/WINTER MONTHS.

Millions have postnasal drip and are plagued with toxic mucous in their sinus cavities and throat. If sinus sufferers remove all dairy products and wheat from their diet and use ample ample amounts of ACV, soon al these mucous conditions will vanish.

Upon rising, have a glass of warm, distilled water with 1 or 2 tsp of ACV and 1-2 teaspoon raw honey. Also enjoy this drink midmorning and mid afternoon. On your salads use 1-2 tsp of ACV combined with braggs amino acids or olive oil.

For throat gargle and nasal wash: Add 1-2 tsp ACV to 1/2 glass warm water for a throat gargle or nasal sniff wash to help clean out the mucous.

ACV makes the best mouthwash available. One tsp ACV to half glass water (kills mouth bacteria, fights plaque and tarter, helps prevent gum disease, promotes healing and freshens breath.

Another tip I give at my Colonic Institute for constipation. It's important that the bowels move regularly and freely. Outgo most equal intake. You should have a bowel movement soon after rising and within an hour after meals. Flaxseed tea with ACV acts like a bowel lubricant.

Boil two cups distilled water with 4 TBS flaxseeds for 15 minutes or soak overnight. Mixture becomes jellylike when cold. Add 2 Tbls of mixture, plus 1 tsp ACV to glass distilled water and honey. Drink upon rising and an hour before bed. Store in refrigerator and use when needed.

Buy Braggs RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in any health food store and enjoy all the benefits year round. till later beauties. LOVE AND PEACE AND FAITH ALWAYS

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I just got back from the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Aside from having some of the most beautiful white sand beaches, absolutely perfect weather year round 85 degrees in the summer and 82 in the winter--and breathtaking mountains, the island also is home of one of my favorite health and healing retreats, Hippocrates Institute. One of my heros Ann Wigmore founded the institute decades ago and made her mark by educating the world about the benefits of food combining and the power of live, raw plant enzymes and WHEAT GRASS ENEMAS!! She has founded several healing compounds in the US but my favorite location is on the island of PR. If you are looking to get away from it all and transition physically, mentally and spiritually, I would highly recommend taking a trip down to Hippocrates for a week detox.
What to expect when you are there???? Everything from learning about the raw food diet, how to sprout, how to transition to a diet that incorporates more raw foods once you leave the retreat, how to grow your own wheatgrass, the importance of wheatgrass and wheat grass enemas, how to emotionally detox, classes of fermentation, dehydrating, and making rejuvelac ( which is fermented drink that contains tons of digestive enzymes and natural probiotics.... and also eating a 100% raw diet while you are at the retreat and detoxing daily with colonics, home enemas, gentle yoga, journaling, group share and even a talent show at the end. It is a wonderful experience and encourage people to look up the Hippocrates Institute on line. There another facility in West Palm Beach Flordia which I have been to also. Sorry for the shorter blogs lately, gearing up the farm for winter so there is much to do. BYE BEAUTIES