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Monday, November 9, 2009


Any one who knows me whether it is my patients, friends or family members- knows what these last few years have been like since I was diagnosed with Lymes disease. It pretty much has a drastic NEGATIVE impact on my quality of life. Thank GOD and GREAT SPIRIT, I have made the commitment to turn any resentment from this disease and turn it into a positive life affirming journey into health, fullness and bring forward all of the gifts, knowledge and connections I have made so that I can help you in your struggles.
That being said it has been a wild and expensive ride. Between all of the LYME doctors, endless amounts of herbal tinctures, heavy supplements, body work, travel to California, in and out of NYC to meet with Dr. Shulz, undergoing heavy metal chelation therapy and IV infusions for anti microbials, going to healers in Brasil, countless amounts of time and energy researching and taking seminars with the top people in the field, conducting my own research to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.... I have become at times weary from all of it. Yet having a deep knowing that every single experience I had was leading me somewhere and more importantly was giving me the best internship I could ever ask for. I have attained so much more knowledge and credentials in life from having lYMES and know that it was put in my path for reason . I am committed to seeing this through to the very end and never giving up hope that the answers will continue to be revealed as they have been so beautifully in the past.
The latest truth to be revealed to me is about LLLT (low level laser therapy). I have done more research about it and am currently under going treatment NOT FOR ACTIVE LYME, but the after effects of what the lyme did to my body, my organs and my immune system. I WAS very successful in finding the right protocol for treating the disease itself ( herbal protocol, rife treatments, infrared sauna treatments, heavy metal chelation, colonics ect) But it is the after effects from lymes that I am still dealing with. I will be doing a follow up in exactly 2 weeks with the results I experienced with LLLT and resetting my cell memory and erasing the lyme from the cell memory completely and creating balance and my body back to where it was pre lyme STAY TUNED