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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hi Ya'll. I wanted to give you the down and dirty on why I have been MIA for the month of August. I am preparing for the spiritual fast of my life. My path of raw foods eating for the last four months and intensely clean lifestyle has lead to this time which is dedicated to a WATER ONLY FAST. I have cleared my work schedule, cleared all social engagements and have moved myself in the LOTUS BARN at Shadle Farm and I am going inward for as long as I can. The object of doing this fast is to shut the body down completely, giving it no fat, no sugar, nothing for the body to have to digest or break down-- so that my body will start to eat away at any residual toxins that are left in the fat layer of the body. It will be a time for my body and every cell to be cleansed at a level not achieved before and a rebirth and regeneration on every level. As the DETOX DIVA, I have tried almost every kind of fasting diet there is but never have I had the nerve to do an all water fast until now. I am ready to take my health to the next level of healing and I am faced with the FEAR, ANXIETY of the unknown. I am clear that this something I need to do for myself and also to share with you my dear readers. I will be posting when I feel able. I am one day one of my fast and have already felt horrible weakness and anxiety. I am trying to ride it out and take it hour by hour. I will be in touch soon.

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