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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


With so many soy foods on the market today, from nuts & beans to energy bars and powdered drinks & protein powders- choosing those that are most healthful can be down right confusing. Soy has received mixed reviews, even though it has been eaten in ASIA for hundreds of generations without reported adverse effects and is a staple in vegetarian kitchens world wide. In its natural state, the soybean has proven to be high in nutritional value as a non-animal source of essential amino acids, qualifying as a complete plant protein. The controversy centers on 20th century isolation of the soybeans's compounds called isoflavonoids, that in in their natural state have been proven to have a host of health benefits from cancer-osteoporosis.
Rather than use the whole food, the manufactured foods industry instead has added the compounds in isolated form to various products.
Concerns arise because the isolated plant compounds act differently in the body when they lack the supporting vitamins, minerals and plant substances present in natural whole soy. Also their amount and concentration in manufactured foods tend to exceed what is present in whole soy. Straight up, Detox Diva says: Avoid all isolated soy compounds and anything that is GMO. If you must eat tofu or soy include, organic non gmo varieties of tofu, tempeh, edamame, miso, and soy sauces like nama shoyu. I still suggest limited all soy products to a few times a week at most, even if it is non gmo. Try soy alternatives like rice milk, help milk or almond milk if your hooked on SOYMILK daily. In a very small amount whole soy can be tolerated but for many people with food sensitivies or auto immune compromised systems, SOY in general is not good. try to cut back and see how your body feel. Always tune it and use your body as your guide. If you listen it will tell you everything you need to know. SIde note, I do not use soy at all in my diet, not even soy sauce. I have eliminated 100% and know that is best for me. ta ta beauties

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